We see the strangest things on the internet, some of those things we never thought it ever existed! Has it ever piqued your interest on what you could get online for less than $50?

Well, it did to us.

Now, we’re going to share the top 17 craziest (and weirdest) things we found on our search.

Your Monday Breakfast Served On Pool

Two words: Mind blown!

Planning to hit up the pool with your friends over the weekend? Take a look at this beaut! Grab yourself a 90 inch bacon and a 63 inch egg for the price one.

What’s more interesting than a floating breakfast on one random morning? Stir up the day with this creative, heavy-duty floatie – it’s one of the coolest things we’ve seen all day!

Feeling Lonely? Buy Yourself A Robot Friend!

R2-D2 is THE perfect companion (and a cheap one to boot!). It comes with an app that allows you to freely control this badass droid through a smartphone or tablet. You only need to pop in 4 AA batteries, and you’re good to go.

A Bluetooth-Enabled Fingerprint Padlock


Say goodbye to memorizing cumbersome numbers, this fingerprint padlock is a game changer. No key? No problem! Your finger’s the key. Security locks will no longer be a problem…err, just make beware of finger thieves.

Walk With Marilyn Monroe At Your Local Park

Or at least a minor resemblance of Marilyn Monroe, right? Turn your dog into this iconic diva, and make everyone’s Monday morning a little bit interesting.

A 5-Pound Gummy Bear

Because why not? If you’re craving for something sweet, eat the world’s biggest gummy bear instead! This is equivalent to 1,400 gummy bears to get this monster.

Make Your Butt Poop-Free With This Automatic Bidet

Boasting a sleek, fancy design, it totally transforms your ancient toilet to a five-star toilet experience. It shoots jets of water directly to your butt, making you clean AF.

A BBQ Grill Suitcase

Just in case you get hungry at work – you got to have priories, right? This portable grill disguises itself as suitcase for convenience, and it can accommodate up to two people!

An 8-Pound Bag of Cereal Marshmallows

Finally! A pack of nothing but sugary goodness without the healthy cereal grains getting in the way. Perfect for sleepovers with friends or a whole day of binge on Netflix.

Inverted Umbrella That Keeps You Dry In Style

If all umbrellas have one basic function, then why don’t you get one that makes you majestic? It closes up to reduce drippage!

These Stunning Knives That Cuts Through Your Soul

Brighten up your kitchen with these colorfully designed knives. It comes in a 6-piece set, so you can use them for any purpose.

Nicolas Cage Mug To Startle You In The Morning

This takes your morning cup of perk-me-up coffee to a whole new level. Who doesn’t love creepy Nicolas Cage? Your officemates we love it!

This Pen That Draws The Life Out Of You

Unleash your creative side with this child-safe 3D pen. Feel free to draw anything in the air – at this point, your mind is the limit.

A Set Of Matching Shirt For You And Your Doggo

Couple’s shirt? Forget it. The real relationship is between you and your furry companion. Show it off to the world by wearing these awesome shirts!

Tablet For Beginners That Impresses Tech Nerds

In search for your first tablet or a cheap replacement for your broken one? This one does the trick! It doesn’t break the bank, and it can run up to 8 hours!

A Hearing Protector That Allows You To Listen To Your Jam

You ordered for peace and quiet? Well, this is all ears! It comes with a 24 dB reduction, and a nifty digital radio for entertainment. To privately rock your playlist, just use your recess input jack.

Turn Your Prehistoric TV Into A Smart TV With This Stick

Whether you’re going for Netflix or Amazon Prime, you can get any of your go-to streaming services with the use of this handy stick.

A 38-Inch Giant Teddy Bear For The Forever Alones

Need someone or something to hug during cold night? This giant bear may just do the trick! This is also a safer option for a gift than an actual live bear – this doesn’t bite!