It’s natural for us to fall asleep after a long day, but sometimes falling sleep is not as easy as it sounds. (We get it!) In fact, sometimes we all experience sleeplessness for days or weeks at a time.

We’ve listed 20 cheap products that can make you fall asleep before you least expect it.

Blackout Curtains for those who love to sleep in the dark

There are people who can’t sleep without light and there are those who love the dark.

These curtains block out all the light coming from your window, you wouldn’t even see the difference of day and night as it covers your window.

An air mattress that takes you afloat to slumber

This air mattress is equipped with a built-in electric air pump for hassle-free inflation and deflation. It also comes with a built-in pillow so that all you need to do after setting up is lay down and float away to dreamland.

The satin sheets of smooth sleep

The silky-smooth goodness of satin sheets will surely melt you to sleep and get you addicted to it.

These satin sheets will get you from wide-awake to deep slumber real quick. It is so smooth that when you try it, you wouldn’t want to go back to your cotton sheets.

The earplugs of silence

Can’t sleep because of all the noise? Say no more! This earplugs will surely put you into a silent night of sleep.

It is designed to be small to fit in smaller ear canals and to give comfort without the pain that other earplugs bring.

Curved body pillow.

Pregnant women as a support for certain body parts when they sleep, this pillow also supports spooning for anyone who just wants some comfortable spooning as they sleep.

Smart Bulbs

Are you that tired that you can’t get up to dim or turn off the lights? Well, these is the bulbs for you!

These 60W dimmable smart light bulbs can be controlled by voice or phone if you pair it with Alexa, HomeKit and Google Assistant.

The nightlight projector

Are you one of those who enjoy colorful semi-dim lights display with noises of the sea waves? If you are, then this one’s for you!

Zone out with colorful light modes and beautiful white noises with this nightlight projector.

A headband and headphone in one

If a headband and a headphone had a baby, this would be it.

Do you like listening to music, podcasts, etc.? Well, this would perfectly suit you on your sleep.

Cool gel memory foam pillow

This pillow is perfect at dispersing heat while you sleep so you won’t get overheated. Its cool gel memory foam is very comfortable and would help you sleep better at night.

The duvet set of coziness

Breathable and cozy, this duvet set will surely cover you when you sleep without overheating you.

With its bold and beautiful design and very soft fabric, your sleep will surely be as comfortable as it gets.

Lullaby speaker

Lullaby yourself to sleep with this speaker that produces the noises you need for your sleep.

It even comes with an extra USB plug to charge your phone in.

Weighted Blankets

Some people just love some weight on them while they sleep. These weighted blankets would be their favorite.

Even with its weight and its thickness, these blankets remain comfortable. Made with 100% cotton, it’s breathable and cozy.

Sleep Tea

Who’d expect slumber to be one sip away?

This tea is made with organic ingredients and it is 100% caffeine and stimulant-free, which provide a calming effect to the nerves that indulges you to deep sleep.

Sleeping mask Contoured to suit your eyes

The perfect solution if you want to block-out and zone in peace away from the world’s disturbances.

The mask is contoured perfectly for the comfort of your eyes. It also comes with earplugs for a total zone out the package.

Animal print pajamas

Look beautiful, feel beautiful. These pajamas will surely make you feel the real essence of beauty rest. Made with silk-like fabric, it’s the perfect warm hug you need at night.

Essential oil diffuser in a Nightlight

A diffuser and a nightlight in one? What a perfect combo!

Project your preferred hibernating surrounding with your essential oils diffused in the air and just the right lighting to set the perfect sleeping mood.

Cool mist humidifier

Whisper-quiet operation to help you sleep easier. This humidifier will clear out your runny nose and give your skin some good moisturizing while you sleep, so you’ll wake up feeling like Beyoncé.

Scalp massager

A scalp massage turns out effective in calming nerves down. This massager does not only soothe you, but it also lifts away dead skin cells and excess oils from your head while increasing blood flow.

Melatonin gummy

Melatonin is naturally produced in our body to manage our sleep, but it’s also easily disrupted.

These are drug-free gummies that help you sleep faster and better (and they’re gummies!). It makes sure you wake up feeling refreshed to take on the day.

Chocolate sleep aid

Who can resist chocolaty goodness? Especially the ones that help you sleep.

These goodies contain non-GMO melatonin. It’s like the Melatonin gummy, but only better – it’s chocolate! Perfect gift for anyone who’s simply obsessed with all things chocolate.