Once viewed as items out of science fiction, drones have increasingly become a part of our daily lives. They’re used by scientists, businesses, and even casual hobbyists to perform a variety of tasks. And the longer drones are a part of our lifestyle, the more uses we discover.

Delivering Small Packages

Drones are able to carry products cheaply and effectively to their destinations. The company Zipline became especially famous for sending drones with medical supplies to Rwanda and Ghana. Plus, companies like Amazon and Walmart use “delivery drones” to send small purchases to their consumers. Although drones can’t carry and deliver all products, they’re quickly becoming a go-to means of delivery for both practical and essential items.

Keeping the Community Safe

Researchers have been experimenting with drones to measure atmospheric pressure and temperature. The hope is that this technology can predict storms before they occur and also help fight and assess fires. Other drones function as search and rescue devices, locating missing persons on mountains or in large bodies of water. Some are even used by the police as a technological component for community watches.


A scientist’s job is never easy–it’s especially hard when the topic of their research is dangerous or difficult to find. But thanks to drones, scientists are able to take on a more observational role. By using the drones as a camera, they can easily take pictures of wildlife and disaster areas that they’d normally be unable to approach. As an added bonus, animals that might be at risk due to the scientists’ intervention are also safer.

Shooting Movies

With perfect flight stability, drones are becoming the poor man’s go-to for shooting film. They’re also becoming the rich man’s go-to for movies like Skyfall and Jurassic World, because they’re easy to use and deliver high-quality footage. These drones have also been used for TV shows and commercials, and as we continue to need difficult shots from extreme heights, it’s likely they’ll only be used more often.


For many people, drones are simply a good way to have a good time. They’ve become the next generation’s version of kite-flying, and several colleges offer courses related to drone technology. So whether it’s having two drones chase each other or snapping photos from above, drones can provide hours of entertainment. Just make sure to use yours responsibly (and legally!).

Drones have quickly earned a reputation as reliable, useful machines that serve a variety of functions. From fun to potentially life-saving, drones are becoming an important part of our culture. And in the future, it seems likely that we’ll develop even more uses for them and continue to revolutionize healthcare, film, and general access to goods. Science fiction is now science fact, and drones are at the frontline of our future.