The autumn months are crisp, clear, and perfect for getting out and enjoying the beauty of falling leaves. But there’s much more to the fall months than just foliage.

Here are 8 wonderful ideas for autumn activities for seniors…

1. Go Fruit Picking

Fruit picking is one of the most classic and timeless summer and autumn activities for seniors, but in particular, apple picking is one of the best things to pick during the fall.

Most orchards and farms are generally cheaper than fruit at the supermarket, but they can depend on each farmer and if the harvest was large or small.

Even if you do not buy a lot of fruit, you can always enjoy a nice, leisurely walk while being surrounded by the fall trees and plants. It can also be a lively and fun one if you are with a group of family and friends.

2. Watch a Football Game

A tradition for many families, especially around Thanksgiving in the US, playing football is not just for the kids and young adults.

Of course, this is only touch-football since playing tackle with seniors may not be the wisest idea. Still, it is not unpopular for many grandparents, even if they cannot run, to have a round or two.

At the same time, it can still be very amusing just sitting nearby and watching your loved ones play their own game.

If you and your family or friends are big fans of the NFL, going to see a game live can also be an exciting adventure, but it can be a little inconvenient for some.

When that is the case, watching from the living room while you are all comfortably together is another option.

3. Visit a Farmer’s Market

If going to the orchard or farm is a little too taxing, physically or emotionally, there is always the farmer’s market.

Doing this can be a productive and enjoyable thing for you and your friends or family members since you can get fresh, organic food that you like or need and spend some quality time together.

Farmer’s markets can get a little crowded depending on their size and popularity. So, if you want a less busy setting, you could always go to a farmer’s stall on or by a farm.

4. Do Some Baking

Another favorite on our list of best autumn activities for seniors is baking. It can clear the mind and give you a chance to share some of your kitchen secrets and family recipes to your close friends and family.

At the same time, most of it can be done sitting down if you are not able to stand for long periods of time.

Even if there is no special holiday or occasion going on, you can always do some off-season baking and share or donate your treats with friends, family, neighbors, and even people in need.

5. Take a Walk or a Drive

Getting bored is easy regardless at the time of year, but in the fall, if you are bored, you can go out for a quick walk or drive and enjoy the beautiful scenery that can be found easily anywhere.

During a walk, you can bring along a camera and capture every beautiful moment that you may not have been able to share with your loved ones so they can see it later.

Just remember that if you are planning on going for a long walk or drive that you bring any necessities that you may need, especially water, your keys, and your wallet.

6. Do Some Crafting

This can be a fun activity to do either on your own or with your children or grandchildren. Suitable for any age, crafting can let you express yourself in a calm and healthy manner.

Some people even consider it their method of meditation because of how calm they get while crafting.

Whether it is making an extremely detailed cornucopia from scratch by yourself or a simple and colorful turkey-hand with a young loved one, crafting can take very little energy and make time fly by in a delightful way.

7. Get Ready for the Holidays

The two biggest holidays of autumn can give you quite a lot to do over the course of several days or even weeks before them.

For Holloween, you can go out pumpkin picking and carve them up with your family or friends. You can also spend time decorating your home and, coinciding with the last activity, you can make some spooky decorations too.

For Thanksgiving, you can put up some decorations, start clipping coupons for the big shopping trip, collect and share recipes with any friends or family who will host their family and/or friend’s meal, and more.

Of course, if you are one of those people who like to be prepared and avoid the crazy black Friday shopping trips, you can also get a leg up on Christmas shopping for your friends or family.

8. Visit a Fall Festival

It is pretty hard to not find at least one festival this time of year around the area you live at. Local festivals can be quiet and modest, a nice feature for those who are not particularly fond of crowds and city chaos.

They usually have lots of food, entertainment, and activities while not being that expensive, depending on the location. This makes a fall festival one of the best autumn activities for seniors.

Large festivals can still be enjoyable, especially if you go with friends or family who has never gone to one before. Going to big and famous festivals is actually on many people’s bucket lists, too.

The downside is that if you are not that mobile, it can be difficult to navigate. On the upside, many of the larger festivals have special areas specifically for the elderly during performances for better views and where they are less likely to get bumped into.