Medical alert systems are a wonderful tool that can allow older adults to remain in their home longer, instead of being cared for in an outside facility. Costs vary, but, according to the AARP, most systems average $25 – $45 per month. For someone on a fixed income, this can seem like a lot of money.

Many seniors may ask questions like “Is medical alert covered by insurance?” or “Do I really need to have a medical alert system?” out of fear of straining their already tight budget. We’re going to address those questions in this post to help senior citizens and their loved ones.

Is Medical Alert Covered by Insurance?

Medical alert systems are covered by some insurance companies, largely through Medicaid programs funded by the Home and Community Block Grant program. This coverage varies from state to state, so check with your local Department of Health and Human Services for programs that offer medical alert coverage.

Some Medicare Advantage plans also offer coverage for monitoring systems, so be sure to keep that in mind during your next open enrollment period. If you have private insurance, ask your carrier if they cover medical alert services. If they don’t, check with any long-term care policies you may have for coverage.

Do I Really Need a Medical Alert System?

Medical alert systems offer features such as medical monitoring, GPS tracking, and fall detection. If you are concerned about any of these things, or if you are looking for a reliable daily check-in service, a medical alert system is an easy, all-inclusive way to get them in one place.

Alternately, if you have a loved one who tends to forget medications or wander off and get lost, a medical alert system can provide you with peace of mind that they are safe, happy, and healthy in their own home.

Find Out More About Medical Monitoring

There are lots of medical alert programs available today. They may be through cellular carriers, alarm systems, or independent companies. Also, because coverage can vary between states, it is important to find out information that applies to your particular situation. Be sure to take a look at reviews of the best medical alert companies for more information about senior monitoring systems, and whether they may be covered by your insurance.