Most car owners are excited when they get their newly-purchased car. However, they tend to forget the little things that come with their ride. One of the benefits of buying a new car is that you get a manufacturer’s warranty for free. It’s a car warranty that covers any defects or repairs for a certain period of time — it’s based on the year and/or mileage. 

Although it’s a good benefit, once it expires, car owners are expected to take full responsibility for the costs of car repairs. The extended car warranties are offered by car manufacturers and authorized third-party companies that cover any payments for any car repairs that are included in the warranty. Here are the benefits of extended car warranties that you can enjoy once you purchase one.

Accident coverage

Change is inevitable and this is also true for cars. Every year, car manufacturers enhance the technologies they install on their cars, one such example is turning a manual-transmission car into a hybrid with a self-parking system. All these upgrades are made to meet the demands that customers request. At the same time, car repair rates are rising every year, so it’s best to equip your car with an extended car warranty that can cover for unexpected accidents in the future.

Convenience and peace-of-mind

Car breakdowns are unpredictable. It can happen to you right now, tomorrow, or even when you’re in the middle of the road. When your car has an extended car warranty, it gives you peace of mind and assurance. With it, you can be protected from anything that can happen to your car — as long as all your preferred car components are listed in the warranty list.  

Budget protection

If you still have your factory warranty and encountered car problems, then it’s your lucky day as your car manufacturer will cover the repairs or replacement of any components in your car. However, if it has already expired, then you will shoulder the costs of all repairs for your car. Extended car warranties help car owners to cover any car repairs for components in your car that are included in the warranty coverage.

Improved customer satisfaction

Once you’ve equipped your car with an extended car warranty, it ensures that any car repairs will be addressed by your provider.

Enhanced car value

This is one of the best benefits that any car owner can get when purchasing extended car warranties. A car that is under warranty or equipped with an extended car warranty is more likely to run in good condition and be well maintained by its owner. The extended car warranty can enhance the value of a car which is beneficial to any car owner that wants to sell their car in the future.

Having your car equipped with an extended car warranty certainly gives you peace of mind when driving in the middle of the road. If you haven’t decided on purchasing a car warranty, consult your car’s manufacturer or any trusted third-party providers. Also, keep in mind to talk to your mechanic to determine the extended car warranty that is most suitable for your car.