When we think of peppermint, we think of its energizing, refreshing, and soothing properties. But apart from its inherent benefits, peppermint can also be used as an oil, which brings even more to the table, including revitalizing and waking up your skin. 


Peppermint is an excellent source to use in foods, medicines, and skincare, as it brings a fresh and energizing feel (and taste) along with many internal and external benefits. Known as an aromatic herb, peppermint has a distinct aroma and medical presence that makes it a very versatile product. The oil is used a lot in skincare to help with the skin’s complexion by balancing out any uneven and oily areas, resulting in brighter and less problematic skin. 


The essential oil has a cooling and calming effect on the body, which can relieve muscle pain and can help to soothe the area. This natural source of menthol contributes to waking up dull and tired skin while at the same time being packed full of vitamins and minerals. 


Peppermint is a hybrid of spearmint and watermint with the oil being produced by steam distillation of the aerial parts of the flowering plant. Menthol, which has been known to have beneficial anesthetic properties, makes up a lot of the ingredients that give it a fresh, minty flavor and smell. Aside from menthol, peppermint also has high levels of calcium, image three fatty acids, vitamins A and C, along with various minerals. 


How Peppermint Oil Is Beneficial To Your Skin


  • Cooling and soothing properties: Peppermint has a light and refreshing aspect to it that allows it to cool and soothe any inflamed or sunburnt areas. 
  • Control oil levels: Peppermint oil is suitable for many skin types. This makes it especially good at balancing out natural oils and is beneficial for oily or fire-prone skin. 
  • Stimulating properties: Peppermint promotes blood flow and helps to liven up the skin. The menthol it has helps to brighten and wake up your skin, so you are left looking fresh and hydrated. 
  • Pain relief: Peppermint is known to be an effective natural pain killer and muscle relaxant as it can help soothe many aches and pains. Inhaling diffused peppermint oil can help unblock your sinuses, offer relief for blocked or itchy throats, and opens all your airways. 


Peppermint oil brings freshness and cooling aspects that are sure to revitalize and hydrate your skin. Having this natural source of menthol diffused around the house will wake up your dull and tired skin, as well as keep your body stimulated and healthy. It can also even out your skin tone and oil levels, which will ultimately result in less acne and skin repair.