If you’ve been a victim of identity theft, then you can understand how this crime can seriously ruin your life. The consequences of identity theft are distressing and devastating. Severe damage can be caused, regardless of the reason why your details have been stolen — if somebody had found your details, they can be used for several things. For example, next time you throw away old bank statements or credit card receipt, think of what could happen if somebody were to find those scraps of paper. Not only will they contain your name and address, but they also have your bank details, along with credit card details. It doesn’t take a genius to work out what these sorts of information can be used for. 


If your letterbox isn’t secured (many aren’t), then it only takes a person to walk by and grab your mail. Imagine if there was a checkbook in your mail or a new credit card?  All they will need to do is wait a few more days for the PIN to arrive. Think of all the sleepless nights that something like that can bring to your life, along with the consequences of identity theft in situations like this. Once someone gets ahold of your credit card, they can put their signature on the back, and with the PIN, they can go ahead and buy all kinds of things without you realizing it — some people never know, and others notice too late. 


With bank details, it’s not difficult for anyone to try and get loans or mortgages in your name. Think of the hardships that can be caused by this. Imagine if they were successful with their applications? You would have a loan for any amount in your name, which they wouldn’t have to pay back. It would be you and your credit rating ruined — that sort of action would have a devastating effect on your credit rating. You can say goodbye to any mortgages you may want to try and get, and you can forget about a loan if anything should happen, and you need the money. 


To put it in a different perspective, imagine what would happen if somebody had a fake I.D card with your name and address on it. What if they were caught in some criminal activity? They would be able to give your details if they get caught, and the warrant would have your name on it. The illegal activity would go on your record, and therefore you can expect problems getting any future employment — you may even end up in prison!


Whichever way you look at it, and for whatever reasons behind somebody stealing your information, the consequences of identity theft are massive! Not only does this crime have monetary losses involved, but it can also have personal consequences. If you’re still not convinced about the repercussions of identity theft, all you need to do is look up on the Internet, and you will find thousands of stories on people’s lives and how their lives have been ruined by identity theft.


If you believe you have been a victim of identity theft, don’t wait to find out what the consequences might be, contact the authorities immediately before it’s too late, and some real damage is caused!