You’ve probably heard a lot about essential oils lately because they’re everywhere; skincare, beauty, and more. But what exactly are essential oils, and what can you do with them? If you’ve been meaning to get started in the world of essential oils but haven’t had the time to do research, here’s a breakdown of the essential oils that could improve your daily life. 


Many people often wonder if it’s possible to use essential oils every day, and the simple answer to that is yes. Essential oils can serve so many various applications and have become extremely versatile. Its uses are no longer limited to the usual aromatherapy sessions but have evolved for other home uses as well, such as natural cleaning — giving us more reasons to use essential oils daily. 


Common Essential Oils: 

To get you started, we will introduce you to some of the most common ones you might encounter in your essential oil journey, along with their uses. 


  • PEPPERMINT: promotes a healthy digestive system, relieves sore muscles, treats joint pains, relieves headaches, improves circulation, and relieves stress. 
  • EUCALYPTUS: relieves headaches, feels invigorating, boosts mental clarity, reduces pain and inflammation, and improves seasonal allergies.
  • LAVENDER: improves mood, reduces stress, supports brain function, relieves headaches, and improves sleep.
  • ORANGE: reduces inflammation, boosts immunity, alleviates anxiety, relaxes muscle spasms, helps to remove excess gas, and is anti-inflammatory.
  • LEMONGRASS: relieves headaches, reduces stomach aches, alleviates abdominal and muscle pain, boosts energy, and eases digestive tract spasms. 
  • TEA TREE: relieves congestion, anti-bacterial, treats skin conditions such as rashes and acne.
  • VANILLA: promotes skin and hair health, relieves muscle pain and cramps, balances hormones naturally, relieves PMS symptoms, reduces inflammation, and helps to lower blood pressure.
  • ROSEMARY: boosts mental activity, relieves respiratory problems, and reduces pain. 


How You Can Use Essential Oils


Essential Oils For Skincare: You can apply oils directly to your skin, or you can mix it with a carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oil if you have sensitive skin. Fill a glass roller applicator with the carrier oil and add about ten drops of essential oils in total. Try different combos and apply them throughout the day. 


Essential Oils For Aromatherapy: A room diffuser is a great way to take advantage of the benefits that essential oils offer. You can experiment with different oil combinations to find blends that you’ll love. You can use the diffuser during the day while you work or study or as a sleep aid at night. 


Essential Oils For Homemade Cleaning Products: Many essential oils have antibacterial properties and are an excellent option for all-natural cleaning. Combine any of the citrus oils, or tea tree oil with purified water in a spray bottle, which you can use as a room deodorizer, a cleaner or a counter spray. 


Essential oils are a fun way to introduce aromatherapy into our lives. And because there are now so many ways to use and apply it, you can find whatever works for you, along with what scents you’re drawn to and start using them every day in your daily routine!