The concept of making healthy French Fries already sounds like a dream come true for everyone. Air fryers are popularly known for its miraculous way of being able to fry without fat, but how does that work exactly?

Air fryers functionality isn’t possible by some hocus pocus. Just like with everything else, it has a reasonable explanation behind it. So, how does air fryers work? Read to find out!

How It Works

Air fryers are actually similar to your household convection oven. A small device powered by electricity equipped with heating function, it has a fan that produces air around in the unit’s cooking chamber.

An air fryer unit, however, the air produced is whirled rapidly in a spherical method. Due to this, it gives a better work of making sure the hot air reaches all of the meat’s surfaces, leaving a crispy crust.

As a bonus, the meat fried is placed in a holed basket, increasing exposure with the produced moving air. Air fryers don’t exactly have a considerable amount of space between the corners of the unit, intensifying the heat.

Are All Units The Same?

While it’s true that there are literally hundreds of air fryer brands released in the market, these devices aren’t exactly alike. Some units just do a better job compared to others, cooking the food evenly.

It’s pretty common for air fryers to ensure it’s crispy on the topmost and bottommost of the meat, but there are specific units that can do it more with consistency.

You can definitely expect expensive units are much better in quality, but there are measures you can take to maximize your air frying experience.

Doing the small things, like preheating and turning you’re your food from time to time to help with consistency goes a long way.

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Oil Usage

Manufacturers often recommend using a fraction of oil for your recipe. However, it’s not always the case. Some food, like chicken breast, come out crispy and fried without using oil.

But for those who insist on adding oil, make sure to add it after you already have cooked your meat to maximize results.

Food Best Suited For Air Fryers

If you’re into breaded foods, then you’re definitely going to love cooking it with an air fryer. Regardless of whether you’re making homemade nuggets or getting one straight out of the grocery bag, air fryers do a commendable job of leaving a crunch result no longer than fifteen minutes.

It does not leave traces of sogginess or sopping to your homemade breaded recipe.

You’ll also find these devices incredibly useful for reheating food that has been baked or air-fried. It’s an efficient, quick solution to give bring flavor and texture into softened meat cutlets after storing it in the fridge overnight.

Sure, microwaving your last night’s food may not be as fast as using an air fryer, but you can bet the taste is ten times better than a microwaved chicken cutlet.

The Downsides

The air fryer’s build alone already gives you the idea that it does not pair up well with food immersed in batter. The fluid trickles through the device’s basket, going into the air-fryer. In other words, it leaves you with a mess.

Air-frying tempura shrimp or calamari, it may not work out well with this appliance. For batter dripped foods, just go with the conventional means of cooking.

Air-fryers aren’t meant for businesses, it’ll just foil your plans up. Although the sales pitch “We serve air-fried food for a healthier you” will definitely attract a good number of crowd, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to give them what they came for.

It can fry a pound of food at a time, but air fryers work best when you only place a layer of food in the container. This will take up to fifteen to twenty minutes per batch, leaving you with frustrated customers.

Are Air Fryers Worth The Hype?

Air Fryers are definitely amazing, but it doesn’t do much compared to a countertop oven. These compact devices aren’t suited for multi-functionality, but it’s certainly helpful for fried-loving people looking for a healthier option.

If your kitchen countertop still has a space left for this appliance, then it’s worth the purchase. It’s recommendable for people who just love to fry up frozen goods or everything breaded! For a list of the best air fryers, check out our best air fryers list.