Robot vacuums are a great tools, making cleaning more efficient and saving you time. Vacuuming stairs manually is tiring, but someone or something has to do it.

So, here’s the big question: Do robot vacuums work on stairs?

Simple Answer: NO.

Don’t get disheartened though, read to find out why these nifty vacuums don’t work on stairs!

Why Are Robots Useless Against Stairs?

The mechanics for stairs are so easy that even a toddler could find out how it works, right? Well, that’s true for humans. However, it’s complex for robots. Robot vacuums? Not going to happen anytime soon.

There are robots that can easily climb stairs, but these AIs are meticulously created by companies that have millions of dollars to spare for research. Even then, simply climbing stairs and vacuuming them are two different stories.

If you’re a huge fan of robots, you may have seen clips of robots climbing stairs who use tracks for legs. It’s definitely a good concept, having a vacuum robot that can effortlessly suck up dust bunnies by climbing your house’s stairs. However, it’s not a concept that can easily happen in this era.

The reason is simple: The cost. It’s definitely going to take time, money, and energy for any company to pull this off. And even when the time comes that it does, they’re going to lean towards robots equipped with legs instead of track.

When Will This Dream Come True?

Robot vacuums that can work on stairs are definitely possible, but we can only get close to the goal if we have Humanoid Robots. Just as the name suggests, these are robots that replica the human body.

Of course, when we do get to this point, vacuuming is certainly not the only thing they can do. Their abilities are limitless as it mimics our movements.

As much as I love robots, there’s no way I can declare a date for when these humanoid robots come out. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if some genius would be able to get it right twenty to thirty years from now.

However, you have to wait decades until humanity can start bringing vacuum robots to their stairs. There are measures you can take to clean your stairs today!


For now, all we can do is to do it by ourselves. An average home, cleaning your stairs would only take 20-30 minutes’ tops. If you don’t use carpet on your stairs, you can easily sweep the dust off them.

You can even go as far as purchasing stair protectors to make your job easier. If you want, there are carpet sections wherein you can put one per step of your stair.

Of course, if you’re a busybody and don’t have time to do the little things, simply hire someone to do them for you! It’s way better than waiting for stair-cleaning robots.