Do you need a medical alert with a pacemaker? This is a question frequently asked by seniors with heart problems. Many patients want to use it for their benefit, but they are afraid that a medical monitoring device might interfere with their pacemaker.

Pacemakers and Electronic Devices

A pacemaker is a crucial bit of medical technology that can help in prolonging your life if you have a heart problem. But patients who live with one of these gadgets have reported fear of malfunctions. A small problem with it, such as electromagnetic interference or faulty wiring could result in catastrophic impacts.

For these reasons, patients are normally extra careful when they are around electronic devices. So, do you need a medical alert with a pacemaker? This is a delicate issue since the alert system is electronic and there is also fear of collapsing and being unable to call for aid. However, this electronic device does not interfere with your pacemaker.

Pacemakers and Medical Emergencies

If you’ve ever experienced heart failure, then you must know that it can recur. It begins with a feeling of dizziness, having breathing problems, or experiencing intense chest pain. Your heart rate then starts to increase rapidly, and urgent help is needed.

During this emergency, every millisecond counts. When you have a medical monitoring device, you can simply push a button and be connected to an emergency operator. They know you through your medical history, and they will call an ambulance immediately. You can also use the fall detection pendant, which signals for aid immediately without you doing anything.

Yes, You Need a Medical Alert Device!

Similar to the pacemaker, medical monitoring devices are essential to your life if you’re dealing with health concerns. If you have heart issues, it grants you the chance to have a prolonged life through instant help in case of emergencies. Before investing your money, be sure take a look at the medical alert reviews on for in-depth info on finding the best medical monitoring service for you.