We’re lucky to live in a modern age where medical advancements are as common as sickness itself. We’re always engineering, advancing, and learning new medical treatments for all. This includes our animals. Unfortunately, this also means that our pets face the same financial burden of medical care that we do.

Do you need pet insurance for a dog? Well, yes. That is if you plan on caring for him in the same way you would care for a family member. Your dog will most likely need medical care at some point. As the cost of medical care increases, so will the cost of pet insurance, which is why it’s best to sign up now.

According to the ASPCA, more than 68% of Americans own dogs. And during the first year of life for most dogs, their owners can expect to pay $1,000 for their care. That’s just for a healthy puppy, so you can imagine how much more it might cost you if your dog gets sick.

Does My Dog Need Pet Insurance?

Your veterinarian will be able to help you decide if and when you should get insurance for your dog. One thing to keep in mind is that pet insurance companies, much like our own insurance companies, are less likely to accept new clients if they are “high-risk”. This is a good reason to make sure your dog’s health is covered by insurance starting from a young age.

Getting health insurance for your dog should be as common as buying dog food, but unfortunately, it’s not yet. As we learn more about how to care for our pets, we are even more responsible to make sure that they get the best care available.

Many wonder if you really do need pet insurance for a dog or if it’s simply another monthly charge added to the pile of bills. The question is simply this: Do you view your dog as part of your family? And would you let any other member of your family go without health insurance if you could help it?

How Can I Find the Best Pet Insurance?

So, do you need pet insurance for a dog? Absolutely! You want to keep your pup with you as long as possible, and we totally understand. That’s why we’ve gathered up some seriously in-depth reviews of the best pet insurance companies for you. Head on over to FindReviews.com and take a look to find the right insurance coverage for you and your pup.