A contract is needed to put the agreement between you and your contractor into legal papers. It gives you the assurance of a proper home security function, and it gives security to your contractor as well. But do all companies require a contract before working with you? We’re going to cover that today.

Do All Companies Require It?

Most of the time, yes. But it all goes down to the security company you contacted. Professionally monitored services often need you to sign a contract, and the agreement may be from 3-5 years.

However, there are now companies offering short-term contracts. Some others give you the option of a monthly basis (contract-free) agreement.

Contracts do come with perks, it gives you the power to finance the price of home security equipment. Most of the no-contract terms need you to pay a hefty sum amount of up-front for equipment.

Prices may range from $300 to $600 when it comes to low-end options and will go up to thousands for higher-end ones. It all depends on your preference.

Contract-free options deliver more flexibility. It also allows you to monitor your home anytime you like, even when you’re out of town.

Regardless of what option you choose, before signing anything, make sure you’ve read and understood the agreement. Be cautious: They may charge 75% of the left behind balance for early cancelations, and there are others that go up to 100%.

Contract Inclusions

Contracts should be a win-win situation for both parties. It covers legal protection when problems arise during the project. You need to make sure your contract includes the following:

  • Chosen company’s name, address, number, and license
  • Your complete name and contact number
  • An in-depth description of your subscribed system installation
  • An indication of who performs the work
  • All of the automated equipment used
  • The expectation of subscription schedule
  • Mode of payments
  • Troubleshooting of surveillance systems (should over both day and night time to ensure image quality)
  • Permits needed for complete transaction
  • Instructions on how to clean and remove dirt from equipment
  • Written pricing on equipment for installation
  • Warranty info

While there are a lot more needed, the things listed above are crucial for the success of your contract. Make sure that there’s a clause where you can fire your contractor for incompetence or faulty work.

Is It Possible To Change Contract?

Home security systems have one major concern: Your safety. In other words, it’s possible you’re able to alter your contract to keep you in the best position for security.

Make sure to record and send them a written order for contract change, it needs to be signed the involved parties. Afterward, attach it to the original contract.

These changes are likely to happen during equipment upgrades or security cameras or window alarms installations.

The moment the contract is violated by a party or both, the agreement may be cancelled. It’s best to thoroughly understand all agreement aspects before signing to avoid penalties.