You’ve chosen to use the WordPress platform to create your own website. The next step is to find the right web hosting provider to host your WordPress website. It’s important to select the most suitable plan that can boost your website performance. In this article, we’re going to tackle different topics related to WordPress and why do you need a web hosting service for your WordPress website. 

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a web software tool that helps individuals or organizations to create their own website with just basic knowledge in web programming. There are two entities of WordPress: one is, which is an API or Application Programming Interface that creates websites and allows user to host their own site. The second entity is, which also provides functionality to create and host websites that are supported by the WordPress platform. 

Does WordPress websites need a web hosting service?

It’s going to be a Yes and a No answer. Yes, as if you don’t find a web hosting service for your WordPress website, it will only be a collection of web pages and users won’t be able to see it’s contents.  On the other hand, you can opt-out other third-party web hosting services and use the default hosting services provided by the WordPress platform. 

WordPress: Types of Web Hosting Services

Here’s a list of web hosting services that you should consider for your WordPress website.

Shared Web Hosting

This type of web hosting uses a single server that supports multiple websites for multiple website owners. Shared web hosting is a great starter for individuals that want to level up their business. Although it’s a good deal for anyone that just wants to test the waters, shared web hosting can only hold a small-to-average volume of visitors, which is not good for e-commerce websites.

    Recommended for a low level of internet traffic.


  • Cost-Effective
  • Easy to setup
  • Available in almost all web hosting provider


  • Doesn’t have a unique IP address
  • Multiple users in one server 
  • Low priority on the helpdesk

Managed WordPress Hosting

If you’re a busy person and can’t handle the tedious tasks of running a WordPress website, then a managed WordPress Hosting is a good choice for you. This type of web hosting only allows websites that are powered by the WordPress platform, which allows its server to be incredibly well optimized for WordPress websites. 

Recommended for a high level of internet traffic.


  • Extremely fast website speeds
  • Full technical support
  • Automatic system updates and have a regular backup procedure


  • Doesn’t have the total control of the server
  • Slightly expensive than its other same web hosting plans
  • Can only use the WordPress platform

Dedicated Server Hosting

Unlike shared web hosting and managed WordPress hosting that shares a server to run their websites, dedicated server hosting allows individuals or organizations to exclusively use a physical server to their own websites. However, managing a dedicated server comes with great responsibility and requires a system administrator to maintain the website. Otherwise, you’ll solely shoulder all tedious tasks like updating the software, troubleshoot the server, and many more. 

Recommended for a high level of internet traffic. 


  • Extremely fast website speeds
  • Full technical support
  • Automatic system updates and have a regular backup procedure


  • Hardware failures can cause a website downtime
  • High investment
  • Requires a high-level system administrator to manage the server

WordPress: Factors to consider when a WordPress Web Host.

Here are the factors that you should consider before choosing a web host for your WordPress site.  

  • High Performance

It’s very important to choose a web hosting provider that can support all the necessary activities of a website, which gives a better performance for the user and the website owner. Hosting your website with a dedicated server will boost its performance and bring out the maximum potential of your website. Also, you can install newer plugins that require higher specifications of the system through your server. 

  • Price check

It’s better to choose a web hosting plan that can help you to gain more profit than more money without having a return on investment. 

  • Control Panel Access

Using an easy to control panel will give more room to manage your server, creating a domain-specific email address, and many more. 

  • System Compatibility

This is the factor that must be included in any web hosting plan that you want for your website. If it’s not compatible to host a WordPress website, then all of your efforts will be in vain. 

  • Reliable helpdesk

It’s a plus to have a web hosting provider that offers 24/7 helpdesk to help any website owners when they encounter problems from their websites. It’s recommended to review every web hosting companies’ feedback to verify their web services and commitment to their customers. 

If you already established your website with a high-level of traffic, then a managed WP or a dedicated server would be a good fit for you. However, if you’re still learning and testing the effectiveness of your website, you can easily start with a shared web hosting. Remember, in order to have a great website, you need to identify what resources and tools it needs to use its full potential.