A BMW is luxurious, upscale, and sophisticated. BMWs live up to their name as cultural icons with a distinct clientele. Owning a BMW is a statement and a status symbol because people know if you have a BMW, you paid a hefty price to be in the German luxury car club.

Now that you’re the proud owner of an “Ultimate Driving Machine,” it’s time to look into extended maintenance and the best way to care for your new prized possession. A BMW can be difficult to maintain because of the cost of foreign parts and even the complexity of regular oil changes.

While purchasing an expensive car can feel overwhelming when it comes to repairs, it doesn’t have to be. If you purchased a new BMW, you’re covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. But if that’s expired, it may be time to look into an extended warranty for your Beamer.

Let’s talk about BMW extended service plans and what to expect from BMW warranty costs…

About BMW Extended Warranties

So, what is a BMW extended warranty? To put it simply, it’s a protection plan that you can count on if something goes wrong with your BMW. Most importantly, an extended vehicle warranty can help you offset the cost of BMW repairs after the factory warranty coverage expires.

BMW warranty costs are very reasonable compared to what you might pay when it comes to maintenance and repairs. And BMW warranty coverage is not hard to come by, so you can rest assured you’ll find what you need from the manufacturer or third-party providers for both new and used BMW models.

While your BMW warranty costs will depend on the plan you choose, a recurring monthly payment can give you peace of mind if you worry about taking your car to the auto shop because it’s something you’ve come to expect rather than a large, one-time expense.

Average BMW Maintenance Costs

So, is a BMW extended warranty worth it? Well, let’s take a look at some of the average repair costs for a BMW vehicle. Below is a list of common repairs that you may encounter during the life of your car. It’s not exhaustive, and you may never have these issues. But if you do, it’s important to consider the cost of paying out of pocket versus an extended warranty payment.

  • Replace engine: $9884
  • Repair engine: $2560
  • Replace transmission: $7246
  • Repair transmission: $5673
  • Power windows: $576
  • Air conditioning: $1011
  • Water pump: $926
  • Oil leak: $600
  • Engine cooling system: $900
  • Fuel injectors: $1183
  • Fuel pump: $718
  • CV joints: $924
  • Power seats: $674

Because BMWs are more costly than many other vehicles, the repairs cost more, too. It’s important to prepare yourself for the reality that even if you can afford a used BMW, you may not understand just how much it will cost you to keep it on the road.

Not only are these repairs expensive, but BMW electrical systems are interconnected in ways that make it difficult to easily diagnose problems, even for trained professionals. You may pay for a repair that doesn’t actually fix the issue the first time around.

Taking Care of Your BMW

BMWs are meant to be enjoyed! But you can’t do that if your car is constantly in the shop for complicated repairs. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re keeping up with regular BMW maintenance.

Keep your BMW looking and performing its best by following a few simple (but crucial) tips:

Wash your BMW regularly to keep it free of salt, sand, pollen, and bird droppings. This preserves the paint and ensures that your car doesn’t fade or rust prematurely.

Drive your BMW on smooth surfaces and don’t drive it in the snow if you don’t have to. If you live in areas where the winter months are harsh, pay attention to the wear and tear on your tires and keep them rotated and well-inflated.

Top off your tank whenever you can. Running your car low on gas allows debris to enter the fuel line, requiring you to replace your fuel filter more frequently. If you keep your level of gas above a quarter of a tank, this keeps your fuel system clean.

Keep up with regular maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations, and replacing air filters to prevent large repairs and prepare yourself for when they may be needed.

Getting an extended warranty may also be a good option to help you with regular maintenance. Affordable monthly payments make repairs easier to budget. You will be covered when they come up, instead of scrambling to find the funds.

Factory Warranties vs. Extended Warranties

Buying a BMW from the dealership awards you a factory warranty, but when the warranty expires, you need to decide whether an extended warranty is worth it.

BMW North America offers BMW Extended Service Contracts, but you can also get these at third-party companies with more flexible terms and better pricing.

BMW Extended Warranty Coverage From the Dealer

BMW dealers offer several extended warranty coverage plan options for new cars, including Platinum, Gold, and Powertrain Plus. These plans cover your vehicle for up to 7 years and 100,000 miles with 24/7 roadside assistance and BMW customer service.

However, if you purchased your BMW used or chose not to take advantage of a dealership extended warranty, there aren’t any other options straight from BMW. And BMW maintenance options aren’t transferable. That means if you sell or give away your BMW, you’re stuck paying for a maintenance plan you’re no longer using.

BMW Extended Warranty Coverage From a Third Party

When you choose a third-party company for your BMW extended service needs, you not only get a ton of car warranty benefits, but it also comes with more flexibility and savings, like being able to use your own mechanic instead of the BMW dealership shop.

By choosing a third-party car warranty company, you also don’t have to choose BMW parts, which are more expensive than other brands, while aftermarket and off-brand parts will save you money. Plus, a third-party extended service provider will offer more coverage options and levels, giving you more warranties to choose from, so you get exactly what you need.

Types of BMW Warranty Coverage

There are many different types of plans when it comes to BMW warranty coverage. You can get total coverage or you can opt for customized maintenance options that work for you. The following are some of the most common types of vehicle extended service plans.

Bumper-to-bumper warranties offer comprehensive or exclusionary protection that covers most repairs. In fact, it’s easier to list the things these plans don’t cover than the things they do cover because the coverage list is so extensive. These plans cover the engine, transmission, diver axle, seals and gaskets, just to name a few of the protected systems.

Corrosion warranties cover damage to any sheet metal on your BMW caused by rust or corrosion and usually lasts for around 12 years for cars built after 2004.

Wear and tear warranties cover specific items damaged because of a manufacturing defect. Additional item coverage covers maintenance and typical repairs like wheel alignment, wheel balancing, and wiper blade inserts.

You may also find extended warranty plans that offer 24/7 roadside assistance at no additional cost. Be sure to do your research when looking into the different types of BMW extended warranties. After all, you’re getting an extended service plan to save money, not waste it!

Benefits of a BMW Extended Warranty

No matter who you choose as your provider, BMW warranty costs are the primary benefit of choosing a plan that works for you. Choosing an extended warranty that kicks in when the factory warranty expires covers you in the event that your older vehicle has problems. Many extended warranties also cover routine maintenance, making it an even smarter choice.

Not only will you save money on repairs, but having a BMW extended warranty gives you extra peace of mind. That affordable monthly payment is already factored into your budget, so you can rest easy knowing that if something goes wrong, you’re safe from paying the bill.

One more great thing about extended warranties from third-parties is that you can place these warranties on a new or used car at any time. Dealers force you to purchase an extended warranty at the time you purchase the vehicle. If you opt out, you can’t add it later. Third-party coverage is available to you anytime you feel you need it.

BMW Extended Warranty Reviews

So how do the different BMW extended warranties stack up? There are quite a few options out there and they all offer different sets of coverages and benefits. Let’s take a look at the competition and see which one is right for you and your Beamer.

Carchex has best-in-class extended warranties with over 18 plans to choose from, so you’re bound to find one that works for you. With towing, roadside assistance, and exclusive discounts, they definitely make a BMW extended warranty worth it. They also have a mobile app that’s easy to use and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

CarShield has customizable plans, so you can pick the benefits and coverages you want without paying for the things you don’t. They also offer courtesy towing, rentals, and 24/7 roadside assistance. Flexible pricing is something that really adds to the benefit of these plans.

Endurance offers a quick and easy repair quote process with in-house contract administration. That means shopping for the right warranty for you is simple and painless. You will only deal with the experts at Endurance, instead of being passed off to someone else. After a great first impression, they follow it up with many of the same coverage and benefits as the others.

What is the Best BMW Extended Warranty?

Extended warranty companies are there to ensure that you have the right coverage for your BMW by offering a variety of plans with flexible pricing, extra benefits, and superior customer service. But what should you look for in the best car warranty providers?

Customer service should be the priority of any company you choose. Read car warranty reviews online and check out ratings on other websites. They should be there to help, not haggle. Getting a customized quote ensures the best coverage for your needs.

Read up about the claims process. Next to an affordable monthly payment, the claims process should be seamless and easy. You don’t want to have to wait for your claim to be approved so your car can be fixed. Claims should be paid directly to the repair facility, so you don’t have to wait weeks for reimbursements.

Do the research and read the fine print! Questions are normal, and if you hit roadblocks with any company that won’t give you answers to your questions, walk away. They should be open and upfront about the coverage options they offer so that you can feel confident in your decision.

Purchasing a BMW extended warranty is the best way to protect your investment. Your car isn’t just another everyday purchase. It’s your reliable companion on the road and deserves the best care you can offer.