In the U.S., a burglary happens every fifteen seconds, and for homes without security systems, they’re thrice as likely to be robbed.

Insurance companies know that a well-secured home with a professionally equipped monitoring system gives your home an added layer of protection, keeping your family safe from burglars.

Installing home security devices can decrease a homeowner’s insurance up to twenty percent on average, simply because there’s less chance of you filing a claim with them.

Does Home Security Lower Home Insurance?

As stated above, the answer is yes. And you can do that by securing your home such as adding smoke detectors, installing deadbolts, and through a multi-policy discount. But it’s not just limited to that. There are lesser-known ways to get yourself a homeowners discount such as installing a home security system.

How Much Can I Save if I Have A Security System?

How much discount you’ll get on your premium home insurance would depend on several factors, and it still varies. However, if you have a home security system installed, you can get as much as a 25 percent discount.

Here are lists of the following security measures that you can take to get as much discount as possible:

Professional Monitoring Systems 

In order to qualify for an insurance discount, most insurance companies require that you have a professionally monitored home security system. There are several security companies that would give you a certificate as proof, for you to present it to your insurance company.

Leak Detection 

Early detection of a water or gas leak would give you a better more discount. That’s because some of the most common claims to an insurance company are by fire or water leakage.

 With these sensors, you will get a notification through your smartphone. It detects any leakage before the situation gets a lot worse. Some more advanced systems that are integrated into a smart home has the ability to even shut the water off.

Fire and Smoke Alarms 

Another great way to get an insurance discount is to secure your home is with monitored smoke and fire alarms. It’s the same with a home security system, you’ll get a notification. In the event that unfortunate events happen, you can take necessary steps ASAP.

Security Cameras 

Adding security cameras will decrease the likelihood of your home getting targeted by burglars. And if you have a 24.7 monitoring system, that would greatly help your ability in getting a substantial amount of discount from your insurance company.

 A security system isn’t just for getting a discount with your insurance company. It’s also a way for homeowners to keep their properties, and loved ones safe and secured.

In the time you find yourself or your family in that situation, it’s never easy.  The stress it brings affects your family, especially to the young ones.

We remind you that the best way to deal with a fire or burglary is to prevent it from happening in the first place.