If you are a website owner or part of an organization that wants a new outlook on web hosting, then AWS might be the one for you. Compared to conventional web hosting, AWS offers cloud hosting to its customers. To help you know more about AWS web hosting, we covered different topics such as “what is AWS”, “what is Cloud hosting”, factors to consider when looking for AWS web services, and many more. 

What is AWS?

In 2002, Amazon launched its first web hosting service to the market, which they called the Amazon Web Services. AWS offers a different approach to web hosting, where it uses cloud-based hosting. This type of web hosting is widely used by different companies that want to improve the performance of their websites. 

What is Cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is a cluster of multiple servers from different data centers that offshore their services. It’s highly recommended for web owners that want to lessen the possibility of having downtimes — if one server had a problem, another server from its cluster will take over. 

Important factors to consider AWS web hosting

Most functionality

With its top-notch infrastructure technologies like Elastic Compute Cloud, LightSail, Elastic Container Service for Compute Services, Simple Storage Service, Elastic File System, Glacier for Storage Services, and Relational Database Service, DynamoDB, ElastiCache, Neptune, RedShift for database, it can easily support websites with heavy web traffic and make it faster, easier, and cost-effective.

The largest community of customers and partners

AWS supports millions of active customers and tens of thousands of partners globally including startups, public sector organizations, and enterprises. With the aid of the AWS Partner Network (APN), AWS guarantees that their services are working in perfect condition and are serving millions of users all over the world. 

Most secure

AWS is specifically designed to provide a secure cloud web hosting for its millions of users worldwide. With its flexible and secure cloud computing environment, more and more web owners are satisfied with AWS web services. The platform is backed by dependable cloud security which consists of 230 security, compliance, and governance services and features.

Fastest pace of innovation

Given the fact that AWS uses the latest technologies in the market. Website owners have the assurance that their websites are equipped with the newest innovations which they can take advantage of if they want to add more new features in the future. In 2014, AWS started the first serverless computing space with its launch of AWS Lambda ( a computer application that lets the user run code without managing servers). Another innovative feature that AWS offers is Amazon SageMaker. This is a computer application that supports web developers and scientists to create, train, and deploy machine-learning models in the cloud. 

Most proven operational expertise

In the last 13 years, AWS has proven that they are one of the best web platforms in the market. With its unparalleled web experience, maturity, reliable web tools, dependable security, and top-notch performance, AWS guarantees that its customers can fully utilize the features of their websites with the use of AWS web services. 

Frequently Asked Questions about AWS

Q: Does AWS really save money?

Currently, AWS is still lowering the cost of cloud web hosting for its customers. In 2014, they reduced the service fee of their web services like 30% for Compute, 51% for storage, and 28% for relational databases, which allows its customers to save more money.   

Q: Can I transfer my own domain name to AWS? and How?

Yes, you can transfer your domain to AWS. But before you transfer your domain to AWS, make sure that you contact your domain registrar and know if they will allow it. Domains like Top-Level Domains are allowed to transfer to the AWS platform with proper procedures. And these are:

  • Talk to your current domain registrar to unlock your domain. 
  • Update the registrant contact email address.
  • Secure your transfer authorization code
  • Update the following information on your domain to allow the transfer process.

Q: What is Amazon Cloud Directory?

It’s a cloud-native, high-performance, and highly scalable directory service that offers web-based directories and makes different data easier to organize. Amazon Cloud Directory is a decent application for any web developers to create their own cloud directory-based. 

  1. What is Amazon Web Services Support?

Amazon Web Services Support is a feature from AWS that helps its customers from technical issues to giving additional guidance to operate their websites in the cloud. By having AWS Support in your web hosting, it gives more assurance and room to maintain your websites. 

Q: What types of issues are supported and not?

Your AWS Support covers development and production issues for AWS products and services, along with other key stack components.

AWS Support covers different types of web hosting issues. Here is the list of technical issues and questions that AWS Support can answer for you. 

  • API and AWS SDK issues
  • Operational or systemic problems with AWS resources
  • Management Console or other AWS tools issues
  • Issues detected by Health Checks
  • Issues from third-party applications like OS, web servers, email, databases, and storage configuration
  • Basic questions about AWS services and features

And here are the questions or issues that AWS Support excludes. 

  • AWS Support does not include:
  • Code development
  • Debugging custom software
  • Performing system administration tasks

With AWS Web hosting, you get easy-to-use features, flexible web tools, reliable web services, and dependable security. And through their services, website owners are guaranteed to utilize their site to its maximum potential. The broad platform support that comes with AWS can widen the list of CMS you can choose for your websites like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and many more.