Many individuals wonder whether Blue Cross Blue Shield covers Life Alert. Although Medicare doesn’t cover Life Alert, some Medicare Advantage plans (also known as Medicare Part C) may cover Life Alert and other personal emergency response systems (PERS) as an added benefit. 


If you are enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B (Original Medicare) and want to obtain Life Alert or another PERS, you may have to pay for it yourself. 


What is Life Alert? 

Life Alert is a response system that serves to alert emergency providers in case of a medical emergency. If you are using Life Alert or another brand of PERS, you can wear the system all day to provide you with constant protection against anything unexpected. It usually comes in the form of a pendant, wristband, or a necklace. 


If you experience an emergency, all you need to do is press a button, and it will immediately activate your phone, connecting you with an emergency dispatcher. You can even designate a specific health care provider to call, such as your primary care doctor or your caregiver. 


Some advanced systems can also detect movements such as a severe fall — which is essential when in the shower or taking care of chores around the home. If a fall is detected, it can alert emergency services, even if you don’t press the device button. 


Do some Medicare Advantage plans cover Life Alert?

Medicare Advantage plans provide Medicare Part A and Part B benefits combined into one plan sold by a private insurance company. Some Medicare Advantage plans may include coverage for dental, vision, prescription drugs, and wellness programs that aren’t covered by Medicare. 


Other Medicare Advantage plans — such as some Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans — may be able to cover personal emergency response systems such as Life Alert. 


Better yet, some insurance providers may offer PERS coverage at no added cost, and other providers may charge a fee for the system. Plan availability, price, and benefits may vary based on your plan provider. If you want to find a Medicare Advantage plan that covers Life Alert, you can speak with a licensed insurance agent to compare available programs in your area.