Pet owners aim to provide their pets with the basics needed to live a healthy life to the fullest. Vaccinations are one of the easiest and most dependable ways to give them a better experience. Because of their importance, you don’t want to let concerns over money hinder your ability to give your pet the proper vaccinations needed to protect it from potentially fatal diseases and illnesses. 

Whether your pet is already insured or you’re planning to enroll in a plan, your question will probably be, “does pet insurance cover vaccinations?”

Does pet insurance cover vaccinations?

Yes, they do, and no, they don’t. Wellness plans are a form of pet insurance that covers vaccinations and routine or preventative services. However, these wellness plans aren’t technically considered to be health insurance plans in the traditional sense. Traditional pet insurance policies cover pets when they are ill or injured, and most don’t include preventive measures such as vaccinations. 

Vaccines are essential, as they prepare the immune system so it is well equipped to combat a disease should your pet ever be exposed to it. This works by introducing antigens into the immune system that imitates an infection without actually becoming one. Ultimately, vaccinations not only save your pet from a life-threatening infection, but they also help prevent the costly veterinary bills that tag along with treating these diseases and illnesses. 

What Are My Options? 


Though it has some limit to their benefits, PetsBest is one of the best pet insurance companies out in the market now. This is all thanks to its low-cost monthly premiums, the addition of optional wellness plans, and customizable deductibles and reimbursement percentages. If you have a pet of any age that you want to keep protected, we highly recommend choosing PetsBest for your insurance needs. Not only are you getting 24/7 access to expert veterinary advice and quick claims processing, but you’ll also get coverage even when you travel with your pet. 

Embrace Pet Insurance:

Even though we found Embrace’s monthly premiums to be a bit on the high side when compared to other pet insurance companies, they offer a variety of discounts to help keep pet insurance within your budget. This includes a variety of discounts, including a 10% multi-part discount, a 5% discount for having your pet spayed or neutered, and another 5% off if you’re a member of the military or pay your premiums via automatic bank draft. With personalized policies and flexible wellness plans, Embrace Pet Insurance is a favorite option among pet parents and veterinarians. 

Healthy Paws: 

Even without vet exam fees being covered and a lengthy waiting period for the reimbursement of hip dysplasia treatment for dogs, it is hard not to recommend Healthy Paws. This pet insurance company offers too many benefits at such affordable prices to ignore. Simply put, Healthy Paws is a great pet insurance provider all around, thanks to its fast and straightforward claims process, top-notch support, unlimited lifetime coverage, and direct vet payment option. Plus, you also get a greater sense of joy, knowing that you are helping homeless pets along with protecting your furry family member. 

For more information on these excellent pet insurance companies, or to get a free quote from any provider, check out our best pet insurance page