If your pet insurance company is willing to pay your vet directly, this means your vet claims for money directly from the insurer. If your vet agrees to accept direct payment from your insurance company, then you only need to pay your excess to the vet. Setting up a direct payment can be extremely beneficial for a pet owner, especially when vet fees run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

That being said, some pet insurance companies are willing to pay your vet directly — however, not all vets are willing to take payment from insurance. By using direct-to-vet payments, a pet owner only pays the excess out of pocket, which is certainly preferable for any large vet bills. Here, we point out two of the best pet insurance companies that offer a pay direct option and the other great benefits they provide. 

Pet Insurance Companies That Pay Vets Directly

Healthy Paws:

Everyone has had to deal with being financially unprepared for a medical emergency at some point in their lives. Healthy Paws knows that can also happen to our four-legged family members, which is why they go above and beyond by offering direct payment to licensed veterinarians. If your pet’s doctor accepts compensation straight from Healthy Paws, you can skip right over the reimbursement process and have them pay the vet bills for you.

In situations where you can’t pay your vet at the time of treatment, you may call Healthy Paws to pay your vet directly. They can work directly with your veterinary hospital as long as they are willing to accept payment directly so that they can expedite access to your pet’s medical records and the processing of your claim. This direct payment option is available for any licensed vet across the United States and is not limited to any specific network of vets. 

Pets Best: 

Most pet owners have been caught by surprise when their cat or dog has a medical emergency, and they don’t have the available funds to get them the life-saving treatment they need. With Pets Best, you can feel confident in knowing they’ll pay your vet directly if required, instead of having to wait for funds to be reimbursed. As an optional claims reimbursement feature that’s available with all pet insurance plans Pets Best offers, you can have them pay your vet directly for any claim reimbursement amount. This allows you to focus even more on the care of your pet, and worry less about paying for expensive, unexpected vet bills. 

To use Vet Direct Pay, send them a copy of their veterinarian reimbursement release form along with your completed claim. Once your request has been processed, they’ll send any available reimbursement amount straight to your vet’s office. It’s the easiest way to manage expensive vet bills without breaking the bank!