If you are a caregiver or a family member worried about the well-being of your beloved but intractable elderly, then the idea of a medical alert button has probably crossed your mind already. Still, many people seem to forget that medical alert services and medical alert buttons aren’t the same things and that there is a considerable gap between them. 


Nowadays, professional medical alert buttons can be purchased even in stored like Walmart. These can be much more cost-effective, as you only need to for the medical alert system itself once without the need for a monthly subscription fee with a medical alert company. 


Do the buttons available at Walmart keep the elderly safe so they and their loved ones can sleep on both ears?


  • Walmart is a highly accessible store chain and is beloved by thousands of Americans for their low prices and a wide range of products. 
  • While browsing their online store shelves, you may come across some medical alert buttons, as well. For example, they have a vast storage pile of different LogicMark units, they also offer GreatCall products, such as their trendy Splash button. 


LogicMark Guardian Alert and LogicMark Freedom Alert are two prominent solutions made especially for independence-loving elders who may be running on a tight budget. Both models come with a base unit and a phone-sized alarm button. However, Guardian Alert is much more compact, and can only dial 911 for you. Freedom Alert, on the other hand, is capable of connecting you to four custom numbers, including 911. 


The GreatCall Splash button not only steps up the game with a truly stylish design, but it’s also waterproof and lightweight. It’s also completely mobile, so no base station is needed. But, there are a few catches; it’s a no-contact device, meaning that you still need to apply for the GreatCall 5Star emergency service to call help. Purchasing this at Walmart only allows you to save on the device itself.