There are many extended car warranties being offered by car manufacturers as well as authorized third-party companies in the car industry. Although there are cheap warranties that you can purchase to save money, it still depends on how you will use it and if it fits your car’s needs. Here are some frequently asked questions that many car owners bring up when dealing with extended car warranties.

Do I need to purchase an extended warranty?

It really depends on how you use your car. Do you use your car as a service for your job or do you use it on long rides that take 7 hours or more a day? If yes, then getting an extended warranty will be beneficial for you. Car manufacturers highly recommend fitting your vehicle with an extended car warranty as it can extend the lifespan of a vehicle and saves money for costly repairs.

What is the purpose of an extended car warranty?

Extended car warranty, also known as a vehicle service contract, vehicle service plan, extended vehicle protection, or extended coverage, is a car warranty that covers the costs of car repairs within the terms and agreements between the car owner and the provider.

What is the manufacturer’s warranty?

This is a car warranty that is commonly known as a factory warranty. It basically covers defects or manufacturing errors from a newly-purchased vehicle. The manufacturer’s warranty can be used within a certain period of time or mileage. Normally, this type of warranty is offered by car manufacturers or dealers. One thing to remember about the manufacturer’s warranty is that they only allow car repairs from authorized car service centers.

Are car insurance and extended car warranty the same?

Although it may sound like car insurance, the truth is, it’s not. Car insurance, also known as auto insurance is designed to protect your car from any damages caused by accidents while a car warranty solely protects the components of a vehicle you included in the warranty list.

Can I purchase an extended car warranty while I’m still covered by my manufacturer’s warranty?

Yes, you can. Car manufacturers and dealers base the premiums of extended car warranties on different factors: the age of the vehicle, car’s model and mileage, and many more. Fortunately, the earlier you purchase an extended car warranty for your car, the lesser the premium will be. There are many car manufacturers that offer extended warranties exclusively for newly-purchased cars.

How much does the premium for an extended car warranty cost?

This is one of the most common questions about extended car warranties. However, it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact amount for an extended car warranty. There are many factors to consider before getting the exact premium for your car warranty. The best way to answer this is to call your car’s manufacturer or any authorized third-party companies that provide vehicle services.

Where can I purchase a warranty for my car?

There are tons of places that offer car warranties, but keep in mind to only buy extended car warranties from trusted providers. Car manufacturers and third-party companies like AAA, Endurance, Carchex, and Carshield are samples of trusted providers who offer extended car warranties.

How do I purchase an extended car warranty?

The first thing to do is to consult your mechanic and identify the parts that need warranty coverage. Once you have examined your car, make a list of top companies that offer extended car warranties, and compare their coverage. You should also consider the nearest provider as it will be beneficial to you when getting a vehicle service.

How long will my extended car warranty last?

One of the benefits of an extended car warranty is that it’s flexible. Terms and coverage will depend on what coverage you will purchase for your car. Consult your trusted car warranty provider to know more about extended car warranties.

Do car warranty providers list their authorized repair outlets?

It really depends on what company you choose to buy your extended car warranty. Once you purchase a car warranty, the providers are required to inform you about their authorized repair outlets that you can go to in case car breakdowns happen.

Do all cars qualify for an extended car warranty?

Almost any vehicles are qualified to have extended car warranties. However, there are few restrictions on what type of plans are suitable for certain types of vehicles.

How do extended car warranties pay the repairs and what is the process?

There are different ways of how extended car warranties work. Some companies use a reimbursement program in which you will initially shoulder the costs of car repairs and they will send you the exact amount after the repairs are finished — we don’t recommend this method as it will create inconvenience to car owners. Other companies choose to pay the bills by using a membership card or via phone. This method is much faster and helps car owners avoid spending their own money on car repairs.

Knowing what’s best for your car is important. There are many factors to consider before buying an extended car warranty. However, it all comes down to how you will protect your car and save money from using a car warranty. Keep in mind to do research and compare warranty plans from top providers in order to find the best deal for you.