When moving out of the country, you have to consider a lot of factors to ensure a successful move, and one of which is car shipment.

While it’s true that there are reputable international shipping establishments that can do the work for you, you’re still held responsible for some parts of the shipping process.

At the end of the day, no matter how reputable the company is, it entails a complex operation that needs good planning.


Lookup for a list of international shipping companies on the internet. It’s best to check out their credentials and certifications before shortlisting them.

Make sure that the company is licensed, insured, and finally, bonded. You’ll instantly know if they are as it’s posted on their website.

Do a thorough investigation to make sure they have the requirements needed to make a credible company.

Request Quotes

Ask for a quote from different auto shipping companies and compare the amount. Most people usually oversee the inclusions, so make sure to go through each one.

International car shipments have more to it than just overseas freight cost. Use the guide below to check out which has a direct cost impact.

Service Type

Are you buying a port to port service? Door to port? Or a door to door?


Is the company using a roll on roll? Or an ocean container? Are they using a shared container or an exclusive one?

Inland Travel

This is connected to the first factor. There are companies that include domestic travel while others solely have ocean transport.

Destination Fees

Destination fees will always be there regardless of the destination. For instance, if you’re paying for door to port service, this includes everything on exportation, along with the customs clearance.

Cost Versus Time

This all depends on your shipment preferences. Do you need the car shipped right away or you’re more concerned about the cost?

A lot of people aren’t aware of the price gap between the two, so get your priorities settled before anything else.

Prepare Paperwork

Once you have chosen a shipment company, get the paperwork ready. Get the requirements from the chosen company, and sent it over to them as soon as you can. This speeds up the processes.

You’re only going to need the following: Clear copy of the original title, the bill of sale, and lastly, your passport from the US.

Inspection and Condition

Conduct your own car inspection report as well as take photos. It’s always a good idea to wash and service your vehicle before giving it to the shipment company.

Brakes must be in the best working condition for maximum security when they’re loading and unloading the vehicle.

This guarantees you that your car is running condition, you can also eye exterior damage right away upon reaching the destination. While it’s true that it’s a protocol for all shipment companies upon receiving the car at the warehouse, it helps to have one of your own.