You’ll often overhear people in coffee shops saying, “I wish I had an espresso machine at home!” or “I wonder how much one costs?” while looking at the barista professionally making a shot of concentrated drink.

These machines can be found not only in cafés, but in homes as well! Having one in your home definitely helps a lot in giving you a quick, convenient boost of energy when you need it.

So, how much does it cost you to get a good, espresso machine that consistently produces full-flavored coffee? Let’s find out!

Espresso Machines Price-Range

A commercial espresso machine is going to be a hefty investment, which is understandable as it plays a vital part of your business. While it’s impossible to say to give a definite price, you can get one from $100 up to the sum of $1,000.

The price range greatly differs depending on the machine’s features. The espresso machine of your choice depends on how big of a scale your business is and your personal preferences.

Low-End Espresso Machines (Under $100)

Surprisingly, you have an array of choices to choose from when it comes to appearances. Modern espresso machine designs are classic and chic, so you’re free to purchase whatever fits best for your home.

Most affordable espresso machines give you a metal housing, but there are brands that equip their units with ABS material.

These machines have the capacity to produce three to fifteen shots of espresso. Normally, this level of a machine has a water reservoir with a capacity of 48 ounces.

You’re given a removable water tank for efficient cleaning, stainless steel boiler, and for some manufacturers, an added cup warmer. The drawback is its noise level, it operates loudly, which is tolerable but annoying.

Decent Espresso Machines (Under $300)

These espresso machines of this category are the super-automatics. You’re given a built-in grinder, which can be costly.

Units are equipped with electric pumps as well as automated boiler controls. In other words, it saves you time in pouring water into the machine’s reservoir.

Delivers an ideal combination of hands-on experience and convenience. Just make sure you give your unit enough time to warm it up, your shot of espresso will be out and ready in five to ten minutes.

Quality Espresso Machines (Under $500)

Upgrading your espresso experience to this category means you have certain expectations of quality. At this price range, it’s good enough to use for coffee shops rather than personal use alone.

They’re semi-automatic, and you’re given a selection of neat features to choose from. Probably what makes this machine category a favorite for coffee aficionados and businessman alike is its pre-infusion feature. It efficiently infuses the coffee grinds under low pressure.

Another notable feature is its thermocoil and PID control. These units can easily increase or decrease temperature by two to four degrees.

This has all the bells and whistles, too. It gives you add-ons, such as double shot filters, a nifty tamping tool and portafilter, a convenient frothing jog and water filter.

You’ll enjoy its programmable functions, making the unit easier to use for both skilled and novice baristas.