Costco offers a vast range of hearing aids with the price range depending on the model and starts at $899 each, with some models costing as much as $1,399. While these prices aren’t the lowest for hearing aids, cleaning and insurance are bundled into the Costco price. 


Costco Hearing Aid Prices
Model Level of Hearing Loss Cost
Open Fit Moderately severe $899.99-$1,399.99
Behind the Ear (BTE) Mild to profound $899.99-$1,399.99
In the Ear (ITE) Mild to severe $499.99- $1,499.99
Canal Mild to moderate $899.99- $1,499.99
Completely in Canal (CIC) Mild to moderate $899.99- $1,499.99
Bluetooth Capable Mild to severe $899.99- $1,399.99


Costco Hearing Aids

Costco Hearing Centers provide access to five brands of hearing aids: ReSound, Rexton, Bernafon, Kirkland Signature, and Phonak. Customers can choose hearing aids to suit their preferences and needs from mild to severe hearing loss, to other features such as open fit hearing aids, receiver in-ear hearing aids, Bluetooth behind the ear, and completely-in-canal models. 


ReSound Hearing Aids offers a line of hearing aids for all ages to choose from, including in-canal models, BTE hearing aids, RIC models, and hearing aids for children. The BTE and RIC models come in skin tones, dark, light, black, white, and gray colors, while the in-ear models come in five light to deep skin tone shades. 


Rexton Hearing Aids include the latest Legato line, where the Legato iX is almost invisible in the ear. These models offer voice amplification and deliver a more comfortable conversation over loud background environments. It also provides accessories such as Smart Connect, which is a hands-free Bluetooth remote that allows users to stream music, TV, and other audio directly to your hearing aids, as well as hear phone calls. 


Bernafon Hearing Aids excel at automatically adjusting to the sounds that surround the user at any given moment. Used on the iOS, it comes with the EasyControl A app which allows audio to be streamed directly to the hearing aids, letting the wearer make hands-free phone calls. Bernafon hearing aids are sold at Costco and come in custom BTE, RIE, and in-ear styles with a price range from $1,250 to $1,450.


Costco’s hearing aid brand, Kirkland 8.0 are energy efficient RIE hearing aids which can automatically adjust to its environment and reduce background noise while it’s two aids work together to create a natural surround sound experience. Users can also connect this hearing aid to their iPhones or Android smartphone to stream music or for hands-free phone calls. For $1,699, you will be able to grab a pair of these excellent hearing aids.  


The Phonak Brio 3 from Costco are available in custom RIE, BTE, in-ear and a Power RIE models that work well in the most challenging hearing environments. Phonak hearing aids boast an exclusive operating system which is used to analyze sound levels surrounding the wearer and automatically adjusts the settings. Costco sells top of the line Phonak hearing aids for around $1,400.