If you want to give a room a make-over, there’s no better way than to install new window treatments. They help to make a room more modern, cozier, lighter, or darker to suit your tastes. New window treatments can cost around $231 including installation, but with so many types of curtains, blinds, and drapes to choose from, the price of a window treatment can range from $93 to $403. 

There are many factors to consider when thinking about the costs of a window treatment installation, such as the size, location, and volume of the windows you need. Be sure to go over these points to better understand the final price and to be familiar with what to expect when the installation is finished. 


The style of the window treatments you want to be installed will also affect its price significantly. Simple curtains and drapes can be installed using just a straight-ahead rod, but shutters, shades, and custom blinds are more complex and will be required to fit precisely around or within a window. Adding window treatments can lead to significant changes in the look and feel of a room. It is also essential to consider how these changes will affect your room and home’s overall style because different coverings offer different benefits and drawbacks in the long run. So it is best to learn about specific considerations when deciding between these popular window treatments. 

Low-Cost Blinds and Shades: These can be found in most hardware and home improvement stores, where they offer basic roller shades and aluminum blinds that are cut-to-order to match your window’s exact measurements. Such basic treatments are affordable, with a cost of around $7 to $25 apiece and can usually be self-installed. Blinds and shades are some of the most common, yet versatile window treatments available for modern homes. It comes in several styles, and features, including vertical or horizontal orientation, different materials to choose from, as well as customization — making it easy to add function and variety to every room in your home. 

Curtains and Drapes: Usually, a simple rod and curtain window treatment is an easy installation you can do on your own. It’s also a low-cost way to add a dramatic design to any window to pique interest and add volume to your room. You can even add extra features such as a transverse rod, valances, layered curtains, or a crank-system to open and close your new window treatment. However, with all these things in consideration, the installation’s final price will range anywhere between $70-$200. 

Custom Shades and Blinds: Custom-designed shades and blinds offer the same fitted and clean look as their low-cost counterparts. But they also provide the added benefit of professional installation and excellent features such as cordless operation, automatic movement, and energy efficiency. The cost of such units will vary depending on the features that homeowners are interested in, as well as the size of their windows. The prices start at $150-$200 per window but added features could add up to $1000 or more for the final cost. Depending on their functions, the installation of custom blinds will generally be between $80-$250. 

Shutters: These are similar to blinds and must be sized and measured according to the window and is best installed by a professional. The price for shutters depends on the materials used along with the details present, such as color and carvings. Basic shutters cost as little as $20 to $100 per shutter, but made-to-order selections are more expensive, taking between $250 to $700 out of your pocket. And because shutter installation in more complex than other window treatments, the average price for it ranges from $150 to $400. 

Number and Size of Windows 

The number of windows that needs to be treated will affect the price of the installation. On average, the installation of a single customer window covering would cost $60-$70, with the setup for two being around $80. The price to install three or more window coverings is also discounted, ranging from $100 for three windows to $120 for five window treatment installations. 


Another factor that affects the overall installation cost is the location of the windows you want to cover — which becomes more expensive if you require specialized equipment for hard-to-reach windows and any safety measures to get to such windows. Another additional point to consider is ordering custom window coverings, since installers may have to come out more than once to measure your windows. It generally costs between $50-$100 for these consultation services.