When bringing home a new puppy or kitten, many pet owners have already thought over the basics from the type of food they will feed to where their pet will sleep. Some pet owners may even have a veterinarian already picked out for their new bundle of joy. But what if something goes wrong with Fifi or Fido?

You have health insurance in case you need to visit a doctor, but what about insurance for your new cat or dog? You may have seen various brochures on pet insurance at the vet or online, but you also may be wondering about pet insurance cost. And what exactly does pet insurance cover?

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Coverage for pet insurance is dependent upon your choice of company. There are basic plans that will only cover emergency situations and there are plans that will cover routine visits such as vaccinations and the cost of deworming. Even expensive lab work such as blood work or x-rays may be covered under your pet insurance plan.

From chronic conditions to emergent situations, there’s a pet insurance plan out there that will cover at least a portion of the bill to ensure you can rest easy when it comes to your pet’s medical needs. Please note cosmetic procedures such as ear cropping or tail docking are not covered by the majority of insurance plans.

Reimbursement type also varies with pet insurance. Some plans will pay your vet bill up-front as long as you visit a veterinarian provider of their choice, while other plans will expect you to pay the veterinarian in full, and then refund you the amount covered after you submit your receipts.

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

Pet insurance costs will vary depending upon the type of pet, its breed, and any pre-existing conditions the animal may already have. Monthly pet insurance premiums can vary from as little as $10 a month to as much as $100 a month.

While only a small fraction of pets are insured in the United States, having pet insurance can be a definite boon in case of emergency surgery or an accident. Just the average price of an emergency visit for a dog or cat can run from $800 to $1500.

What’s the Best Pet Insurance Company?

As with car insurance companies, there is a large range of companies you may want to research before investing in a pet insurance plan. Healthy Paws, PetsBest, Petplan, and other companies like these are all specifically created to cater to your pets.

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