If you’ve been looking around online for a few memory foam mattresses but are worried about how much it might cost, then you’ve come to the right place. A lot of people find that memory foam mattresses are so expensive, but not everyone asks the reason why. Here, we tackle all the possible causes as to why memory foam can be so expensive but at the same time, stay the popular choice amongst sleep lovers. 


Memory Foam Lasts For A Long Time

Looking at a $1000+ memory foam Mattress may seem like a costly expense in the short term, but premium memory foam mattresses tend to last for a long time. In this case, that time can be as long as ten years or more before it starts sagging or needs to be replaced. Some memory foam mattresses can even last 20 years if they are well maintained and properly taken care of. 


If you look at the actual cost of a high-quality memory foam mattress and break it down per day, it’s actually not that expensive. For instance, if you bought a $1000 memory mattress that lasts ten years, it only costs 27 cents per night to sleep on. That’s not bad when you think about it. 


Quality Control Is High

Memory foam mattresses, at least the ones made in the US, have very high-quality control standards, which translates into a more expensive product. However, this is a good thing because this means there are strict regulations when it comes to the materials used to make a memory foam mattress.


This means that there aren’t any nasty chemicals involved in its production, and have less off-gassing. But it also means that it is more costly since it uses more natural and high-end materials. It can be tempting to turn to lower cost, foreign memory foam producers, but in many cases, it is difficult to know if they have cut corners or are using materials that aren’t good for your health. 


High-End Memory Foam Is Durable

As compared to the low-end, knock-off versions, high-end memory foam is much more durable. This means that in addition to lasting longer, they retain their form for a much longer duration. If you’ve ever slept on a memory foam mattress that gives you a “sinking” sensation, it will eventually start to lose its form and begin to sink entirely. 


However, the crucial difference here is that a high-end memory foam mattress will start to sink after ten years or so. A low-quality memory foam mattress might start degrading within a few years. This is one reason why quality memory foam is expensive, but a person’s weight and other factors may also contribute to a memory foam’s premature sinking. 


It Has Features That Traditional Mattresses Don’t Have

Memory foam mattresses do things that traditional spring mattresses can’t do — this leads to being a more expensive and premium product. For example, memory foam does an excellent job with weight distribution and isolating motion, which means that if you are sleeping with a partner, you won’t feel them moving around if they are a restless sleeper. 


Another one of memory foam mattresses’ most significant advantages is its ability to conform to the user’s body shape. This provides us with various benefits, and it is something that traditional mattresses can’t do — which is why manufacturers can charge premium prices.