Roomba is now synonymous to robot vacuum – there must be a concrete reason for that, right?

There are dozens of robotic vacuum brands in the market. However, despite the tough competitions, and companies showing off some teeth with their innovative actions, iRobot Roomba stands as top dog in this category.

While it’s true that it delivers the highest robot vacuum quality on the planet, it IS the most expensive brand out there. Let’s find out why iRobot Roomba is crowned king in the business!

iRobot Has a Long History

The invention of robot vacuums is fairly new. Ever since the era of robotic vacuums started to flourish, iRobot was one of the companies who pioneered the movement, and eventually took the lead.

The Roomba Robot Vacuum was first released back in 2002, it’s considered as one of the first botvac systems created. As the demands of time continuously change, iRobot improved along with it.

Roomba’s sought-after algorithms are from the company’s defense-related study on robots tasked to look for mines on seashores, making Roomba well-known for its sensibility and reliability.

Advanced Cleaning Innovation

iRobot didn’t waste any time, they took advantage of the time they had and used 15 years to perfect its current botvac design. Their latest models are the results of over a decade of intensive study and insights.

Most robot vacuums follow a grid pattern, but for Roomba, it’s not the case. One of the results of their research is its rubber carpet agitator.

One of the reasons why people opt for the traditional vacuum cleaner is because these compact devices aren’t able to take on tangled carpet brushes. However, with Roomba, it’s now a thing of the past.

The inventors enhanced Roomba’s Dirt Detect System (DDS). It’s smart enough to pass under furniture, collect crumbs and fallen debris, and on its own, the system decides if it needs a second pass to pick the dirt completely. Its nifty system marks the area where there’s filth for you to keep track.

Incredible Suction Power

The newer models of Roomba has unrivaled suction power. In fact, it’s so powerful that it’s ten times more superior to other robot vacuums. This allows your device to gather dirt, grime, and pet hair with no problems.

 Enhanced Mapping Skills

Roomba’s navigational skills are probably the most accurate in the market. It’s equipped with iAdapt 3.0, allowing the device to store up to 10 various floor plans.

It’ll only take three hours and a half for Roomba’s i7+ to completely map a 400 sq. house with two rooms. For bigger homes with 700 sq. of land area, it will take about a day to get over 90% of the area.

While it’s true that it takes time for Roomba to completely gather data, it does deliver a pretty solid floor plan.

Unlike other brands, if you were to transfer the base into a different area, it can still keep up. It can target rooms with high accuracy.

Cleaning Made Easy

Device maintenance after run time is a hassle for most homeowners; however, Roomba offers a completely different experience.

Roomba has dual rubber brushes, so you can easily clean off long hairs in a jiffy. You can also wash the bins in some Roomba models (such as the E and I series) with confidence as it doesn’t harm the motors.

Additional Sensor

iRobot aims for precision, so they’ve equipped Roomba with a camera to work as an additional sensor. This allows the device to navigate the area by interpreting various forms of light.

While this does not allow the device to keep memory of its previous vacuum run, the camera enables the robotic vacuum to easily navigate itself around the floor plan.

Convenient Tech Features

Roomba gives you real-time status update of the device as it’s Wi-Fi capable. You have the power to schedule your preferred cleaning time ahead of time, so you have the advantage of customizing the floor map.

You’ll get notifications of where your device went to and how long it’s been running. This neat feature is even available on older Roomba models.

Can Roomba Out-Clean Traditional Vacuums?

Robot Vacuums are invented for automation, and while Roomba is definitely is one of the best robotic vacuums in the market, it has its limits.

These compact devices aren’t meant to replace your home’s trusted upright vacuums. Their creation is to help traditional vacuums make your home spotless, but it can‘t do it alone.

Always have reasonable expectations out of these smart vacuums. Be sure to check out our best robot vacuums on