There is a good reason the word Roomba has become synonymous with robot vacuums. And while we continue to see capable competitors arrive in the market at ever-decreasing prices, iRobot’s Roomba line remains the standard to beat. 


We looked through some of the best Robotic Vacuums and dug through reviews from the most popular review sites, including Wirecutter, New York Times, Consumer Reports, PC Magazine, Tom’s Guide, CNET, BestReviews, Top Ten Reviews and more. Through such analysis, we’ve found one of the best Robotic Vacuums. 


Unfortunately, since September 2018, the Roomba 980 has been discontinued, but you should still be able to find it in stock at select retailers. This means that it is no longer manufactured and may only be sold at select locations since they are no longer in circulation. It is a more advanced version of the 960, offering enhanced features. 


If you don’t mind a little noise and a price that is at the high end of the Roomba family, the 980 has a lot to offer. From mapping and navigating room to delivering up to 120 minutes of run-time per battery charge, it is built to get the job done effectively and efficiently.


During its launch, the price tag that came with it was significantly higher but has dropped since then. The extra-large battery in this model lasts for up to 120 minutes, making it well-suited for larger spaces, and the cleaning system has twice as much power compared to the 960 — ideal for cleaning up larger spills or messy pets. 


Otherwise, the model includes the top-line smart features you can expect from a Roomba bot, including voice detection, detailed app control, and dirt-detection technology that helps the Roomba spend more time in high-traffic areas. 


It is quite a shame that this model has already been discontinued since it is one of the better products that Roomba has presented us with. However, we can be sure that a new successor will continue to clean as amazingly as the Roomba 980 does. But if you absolutely must have this unit, perhaps a visit to your local store can give you the robot vacuum you’ve always wanted.