When it comes to the best car warranty provider in the market, there are many companies you can consider to protect your prized cars. We’ve prepared two great car warranty providers — Liberty Bell Auto-Protect and autopom! — to help you decide which coverage can perfectly fit your car’s specific needs. 

Pros and Cons: Liberty Bell Auto-Protect vs autopom!

Company Pros Cons
autopom! +Good customer services

+Excellent rating on BBB (A+)

+Affordable extended warranty plans

+30-day and 60-day rule (Full Refund)

+Free to choose any licensed repair facility

+Easy quote process

+User-friendly website

+Coverage available in California

+No inspection needed for approval

-Only good condition cars accepted

-Several plans not available in all states

-High down-payment for all plans

Liberty Bell Auto Protect +Excellent customer services

+30-day rule (Full Refund)

+Licensed ASE technicians.

+No inspection needed for approval

+Military discount is available.

+Price match guarantee.

+Transferable contracts.

-No coverage for California drivers.

-Covered vehicles must be newer than the model year 2000 and must have no more than 140,000 miles.

Coverage Plans: autopom!

Here are the coverage plans from autopom! to help you find the best available contract for your cars. All coverage plans from this company can last up to 7 years or 150,000 miles. 

  • Exclusionary is the most comprehensive vehicle protection plan which may be comparable to your original factory car warranty. Currently, there are six exclusionary plans available to cover most mechanical and electrical components.
  • High-Level is a plan that covers an extensive list of named components, including the engine, transmission, and most major systems. There are currently five High-Level plans available.
  • Mid-Level is a warranty plan that covers major systems of a vehicle — engine, transmission, steering, fuel delivery, etc. They only have three Mid-level plans available to the market.
  • Powertrain Plus covers most of the stated-named components of a car. There are currently five available plans that you can purchase under powertrain plus plan. 

Coverage Plans: Liberty Bell Auto Protect 

Liberty Bell Auto-Protect offers three coverage plans for car owners that want to avoid paying expensive and common repairs from car breakdowns.

  • Platinum prime covers most of the components in a car. It’s the most comprehensive plan from Liberty Bell Auto protect which is highly recommended for luxury and new cars. 
  • Platinum Plus offers the same coverage from the Platinum plan and added the steering system of a vehicle. 
  • Platinum is the basic plan that covers the engine, transmission, cooling, and electrical system of a car. 

Additional Perks

When you purchase a car warranty plan from these two car warranty providers, you’ll also get to enjoy their additional perks. 

autopom! Liberty Bell Auto Protect
Choose Your Own Repair Shop

Rental Vehicle Assistance
24-Hour Roadside Assistance

Nationwide Breakdown Coverage

Rental Car Assistance

Roadside Assistance
Trip Interruption Assistance


Keep in mind that all contracts from these two companies have a waiting period of 30 days and 1,000 miles before you can enjoy their benefits. 

Which is worth it?

If you’re looking for car coverage in California and want to have a 30-day to 60-day cash back guarantee privilege, then autopom! is the best company provider for you. Keep in mind that all company providers and brokers are eager to win you. Make it a habit to get free quotes from them and compare their coverage plans.