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AmeriFreight covers the 3 most crucial areas of shipments: Price, Quality, and Safety. They’re known for their efforts to make their customers save money as much as they can.

As a matter of fact, AmeriFreight negotiates with five percent of over 11,000 businesses just so you could save a couple more dollars than you would when dealing with other companies.

You’ll get the best shipment rate with this company. In addition, companies that do not hit their required 95% won’t be considered to ship your automobiles.

Their professional team members know that failure is not an option. There is no service in the world that could compensate for a failed mission. Due to this, they make sure everyone is working in a friendly environment for productivity.

Safety is a major concern for them, that’s why they deliver the best protection in the industry. Their AFta PLAN makes sure your vehicle is covered in case any incident may occur during the transaction.

They can flawlessly transport vehicles over forty-eight states and Canada. Moreover, they can also ship to a number of locations as well. It would be best to talk to a company representative for more details on this matter.

Another thing that sets this company apart from the many others is their price lock guarantee. The price they have quoted during your initial meeting is the same price you’re required to pay. In addition, it delivers a number of discounts, it would be wise to ask if you’re qualified for any of them.


For the price range, it usually ranges from $495 as the cheapest up to $1,300. If you’re planning to ship a sedan cross-country, it will cost you around $935.

Of course, there are a number of factors that affects the price, such as seasons, size, distance, and of course, the route.

Now, if you want to see a more accurate estimation, you may check out their website calculator on their website. Discounts are given for people in the military, first responders, students, and lastly, seniors.


As mentioned earlier, they ship to 48 states, Canada, and a few selected areas. The company does not only ship cars, but they’re able to ship trailers, motorcycles, and speedboats.

You’re given the option of open shipping and closed shipping. If you’re looking for a cheaper and more affordable means of transportation, then the open shipping is ideal. However, if you’re shipping cars of value, then an enclosed one will suit you best.

Choose a door to door shipping for convenience. Their movers will personally pick up your vehicle from its current location, and dropped off to your desired area.

Their insurance plan covers up to a whopping $1000 when a major accident happens and $400 for minor ones. They also have a rental reimbursement if the shipment is more than 48 hours late.

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The Good
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Nationwide Shipment
  • Discounts and perks
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The Bad
  • Deposit requirement
The Bottom Line

AmeriFreight is definitely one of the best in business. Their pricing is on point, and their gap insurance gives that much-needed boost of confidence. They keep the transaction process smooth, so it’s a hassle-free experience.

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