Newcomer Aura promises to keep you safe both online and offline. Read our comprehensive review of Aura to see if it's a good fit for you.


Regardless of how cautious you are when you browse the internet, you have the potential to get caught out in identity theft.

Identity theft occurs when someone unearths enough personal and financial information to open accounts with your details.

Surprisingly, it can take a fair amount of money to resolve an issue of this magnitude, and in some instances, it can prevent you from using credit.

That’s where Aura comes in. They offer you safety from hackers, with plans that include fraud and theft protection.

Aura has three plans you can pick from, starting as low as $10 a month. As part of their service, you will also get notices for any unusual activity on your accounts.

But are they as secure and reliable as they claim to be? Check out our review of Aura to see if they are the right fit for your needs.

Key Features

Once you have registered as an Aura customer, you can download their free app on almost any Apple or Android device. You will then choose from a range of features to build a protection plan that is ideally suited for you. These features include:

  • Fraud Alerts – Aura provides you with fraud alerts that let you know when changes happen that may seem suspicious or out of character. This feature will help you catch hackers much earlier before significant damage can be done
  • Set Limits – You can set limits on the amount you would like to spend with each account. Not only that, but you also receive alerts if you get close to those limits.
  • Receive Updates – Get monthly updates about your credit score, highlighting any changes that have occurred and when they happened. This feature allows you to see what actions you are taking that are improving or hindering your score.
  • Design a Watchlist – You have the power to create a watch list that lets you see anytime your name appears in specific ways online. This feature allows you to track your digital footprint better.
  • Multi-Device Protection – Aura protects your devices such as your computer, laptop, or iPad from malware like adware and spyware.

Protection Plans

Aura has three different protection packages for you to choose from, the basic plan, the total plan, and the ultimate plan.

Basic Plan

The Basic plan is $120 a year and provides antivirus protection and VPN usage for one device. It also gives you SSN monitoring, account monitoring, identity monitoring, and reimbursement insurance.

Total Plan

Next, we have the total plan; this plan covers everything the basic plan does, but for five devices instead of one. It also provides you with credit monitoring, monthly score check, credit locking, financial monitoring, and bank account monitoring. The price for this package is $240 a year.

Ultimate Plan 

Finally, we have the ultimate plan, which is $360 a year. This includes everything the total plan does, but for ten devices. It also offers a free annual credit report as standard and white glove resolution.
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The Good

As you have come to expect from us by now, we decided it was only fitting to put Aura to the test to see if it was a waste of time or a wise investment. Here are some of our favorite Aura benefits:
Tax Refund Alerts – Are you like us, constantly worrying you might miss your tax refund check but unwilling to provide the IRS with your bank account details? Aura has got you covered. It has a tax refund alert, allowing you to know when the IRS has issued you a refund. This feature gives you a sense of when it may be delivered and if someone claims that refund in your name.
Phishing Protection for Mobile Devices – Most companies will offer you phishing protection for your computer, but Aura goes one step further. Aura keeps you safe on your mobile by blocking your device from accessing any sites that are deemed dangerous.
ID Theft Insurance – Although Aura cannot guarantee that your identity won’t be stolen, they guarantee that you will get your money back. Regardless of which plan you choose, your theft insurance is as high as $1 million. This is sure to cover any losses you may incur at the hands of identity thieves.
Three Plans – Aura is aware that not everyone has the same budget, and that is why there are three different plans for you to choose from. This means you can stay safe while also staying within budget.
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The Bad

No Guarantees – Although Aura offers an impressive $1 million insurance policy, it doesn’t provide any guarantees. While they are certainly willing to work with you in any way they can to help you recover any lost finances, but for legal reasons, they cannot make any guarantees This is standard policy, though, for any company, so not something that should stop you from using Aura. If anything, if a company is guaranteeing, you will get your money back, that is often an offer that is too good to be true!
Credit Score Might Still be Impacted – Your credit score is essential because lenders use it to determine if they should extend you a line of credit or loan you money. An excellent score is anything between 800 and 850, with a good score being one that sits between 670 and 740. When an identity thief uses your details to open lines of credit and then doesn’t pay it off, this can have a significant impact on your score. This is sadly unavoidable, though, and Aura does help you in some ways with this issue. It shows you your score to keep track of it and make sure everything looks as it should.

The Bottom Line

On average, identity theft occurs in America every few seconds. Once a hacker has enough of your information, they can quickly utilize it to secure loans or open a whole host of credit cards. It can take a long time for you to work off the financial impact of a hacker. In some instances, it can be years before you are back on track.

In some instances, you may be held accountable for any debt that your hacker has racked up unless you can prove beyond reasonable doubt that it is identity theft.

This is why Aura is so handy. They are not the longest-serving company compared to its competitors, but Aura already has an excellent reputation for assisting customers and stopping them from being victims of identity theft.

One of the main benefits is the three different plans you can choose from, meaning there is much more chance a plan suits your needs. The extras you can get, such as a VPN and antivirus protection, are a bonus.

We would recommend you check out Aura today to ensure you are not the victim of identity theft.

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