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Our Editor’s Choice. Over 18 plans to choose from. Peace of mind with towing, roadside assistance, trip interruption coverage, and gas delivery.


Carchex was founded in 1999 when they began offering pre-owned vehicle inspections to cost-conscious consumers. Carchex now offers services a much more robust suite of services, like extended car warranties, auto insurance, car financing, roadside assistance, and other helpful ways drivers can get and stay on the road.

In 2003, the current CEO of Carchex used the service to have a pre-owned car inspected. When Carchex confirmed his suspicions about the car, he was so impressed by the service, that he bought Carchex. He expanded their services to include extended warranties. These warranties offer some of the best coverage available today, making Carchex our Editor’s Choice for extended car warranty service.

Coverage Features

Carchex offers many ways to protect your investment by covering any necessary repairs to help keep your car on the road. The following are some of our favorite Carchex extended auto warranty coverage features.

Engine and Transmission Coverage: Even the most basic Carchex plan covers the major components of your vehicle. Some of the most expensive repairs on a car involve the engine and transmission. With Carchex, you can rest easy knowing that these parts are covered. In older cars, this is well worth the cost, because the repair often costs more than the car is worth.

Direct Claim Payment: When you file a claim with Carchex, you don’t have to wait for a reimbursement. Covered claims are paid directly to the repair facility of your choice because there are no restrictions on car care providers. You get the money you need up front to use the mechanic you trust.

Trip Interruption Coverage: If you’re traveling by car and your vehicle needs to be repaired, Carchex will cover the cost to fix your car, plus pay for your meals and hotel stay. This gives you complete peace of mind while traveling. The extra wear and tear you put on your car over a long vacation could cause problems with its health. With Carchex, you don’t have to worry about ruining your trip.

24/7 Roadside Assistance: Look, we’re not proud of the fact that we ran out of gas on the highway. But it happened. So, now what? Carchex will deliver gas to you if this happens. It’s embarrassing, sure. But you’ll be back up and running in no time, thanks to the dedicated Carchex team having your back. They’ll also come to your rescue 24/7 if you get a flat tire or need any other type of roadside assistance.

Warranty Plans

Carchex offers a variety of extended car warranty coverage plans. To help you decide if it’s the right auto repair warranty service for you, Carchex provides you with a free quote and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bronze Coverage: This basic plan offers American Auto Shield for up to 6 years and Carchex Care by Royal for up to 5 years. It is designed to cover the most common problems involving your car’s engine and transmission.

Silver Coverage: This plan offers American Auto Shield for up to 7 years, Carchex Care by Royal for up to 7 years, and Royal Administration Services for up to 6 years. It covers the major systems of your vehicle, over and above a basic powertrain warranty.

Gold Coverage: This mid-level plan offers American Auto Shield for up to 5 years, Carchex Care by Royal for up to 7 years, and Royal Administration Services for up to 10 years. It covers all major systems with flexible terms and is a good fit for vehicles with more than 60,000 miles.

Platinum Coverage: This plan includes American Auto Shield for up to 5 years, Carchex Care by Royal for up to 7 years, and Royal Administration Services for up to 10 years. It covers all major systems and all other stated components at the highest level.

Titanium Coverage: This top-tier plan includes Carchex Care by AAS for up to 7 years, American Auto Shield for up to 7 years, Carchex Care by Royal for up to 10 years, and Royal Administration Services for up to 7 years. It includes the highest coverage possible and offers bumper-to-bumper coverage with a small list of excluded items.

Please Note: Pricing varies depending on your vehicle, state, plan, and other factors. Carchex makes it easy to get a free car warranty quote, so you can make sure you’re getting the best coverage and value for your needs.

Carchex Car Warranty
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The Good

As with all of our editor reviews, we put Carchex through its paces, so you don’t have to waste your time or money. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Carchex extended car warranty benefits…

Excellent Reputation

Carchex is one of the leading providers of extended auto warranties. We feel more comfortable with an extended warranty from someone who has an excellent rating from the Better Business Bureau. Carchex has been in business for a long time and is an expert in the car warranty field, which means you can trust them to take care of you and your car.

Towing Coverage

When your car breaks down, you need a ride. We love that Carchex offers towing coverage with all of their plans because your auto insurance may not. Otherwise, your out of pocket expenses for a tow could add up to be hundreds of dollars. And you get to choose the repair facility yourself, so they don’t place restrictions on which mechanic can service your car.

Rental Car Coverage

Carchex will cover your rental car costs if your vehicle is in the shop for service. This is more than many dealerships and auto insurance policies provide to their customers. We love that you experience no downtime with Carchex, because your time is important, too.

Exclusive Discounts

With partnerships with companies like AAA, Allstate, CARFAX, Edmunds, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Carchex can offer additional services that other extended warranty providers simply can’t. Included in your plan are features like towing and roadside assistance. However, you can also take advantage of car insurance and auto financing at a deep discount.

Carchex Car Warranty
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The Bad

Coverage from Carchex may not start until 30 days and 1000 miles from the date you sign up, which might make you feel a bit at risk in the beginning. We get how hard it is to pay for something that doesn’t provide any benefit right away. Having said that, with a stellar reputation to uphold, we firmly believe that Carchex will deliver on their promises and offer the best value for the coverage you purchase.

Coverage for the latest technology costs extra with Carchex. With the increasing number of cars on the road today with advanced technologies, we feel like maybe some of this coverage should be standard. But it’s nice to know you can add it if you need it!

The Bottom Line

Carchex is a reputable company with a great online rating. They offer some of the most affordable coverage on the market and provide superior benefits like roadside assistance, towing, gas delivery, and rental car coverage included in every plan.

As our Editor’s Choice, Carchex far exceeded our expectations when it comes to extended car warranties. With five plan levels and 18 different contracts to choose from, there’s an affordable plan for every car that fits every need.

Try Carchex car warranty service risk-free for a full 30 days and keep your car on the road!

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