Cricut , Raspberry Easypress Mini Review


The Cricut Easypress Mini – Raspberry helps you tackle the improbable projects and unusual objects, as it gives you professional heat-transfer results. Whether it’s a shapely object, a unique object, or an extra-small object, this EasyPress has what it takes to make a successful transfer. 


With its compact and thoughtful design, you can quickly move through curves and contours, squeeze into seams and get between every button. Plus, it’s lightweight, portable, and easy to store. It works with many brands of HTV and iron-ons, as well as the entire collection of Infusible Ink products.

Cricut , Raspberry Easypress Mini
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The Good

Our review of the Cricut Easypress Mini – Raspberry put this DIY cutting machine through its paces. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of the Cricut Easypress Mini – Raspberry…


Compactly Designed: 

The Cricut Easypress Mini – Raspberry has a compact size ideal for unusually small or unique heat transfer projects. And because of its size, it’s also portable, lightweight and easy to store. The design used for this product is well thought out, so you can easily curve with contours, and get in between buttons. It also works with major brands of HTV, iron-on and all of the Infusible Ink products. It’s also the perfect complement to any Cricut machine. 


Customize Your Crafts: 

It lets you customize unique projects such as hats, shoes, and stuffed animals, while its ceramic-coated heat plate allows for dry and even edge-to-edge heat. Whether you have a shapely object or and extra-small project, the Cricut Easypress Mini – Raspberry can deliver what you need to make a successful heat transfer. It also has three different heat settings for every iron-on and Infusible Ink project.


Safety Features: 

The Cricut Easypress Mini – Raspberry uses an insulated safety base and an auto-shutoff feature, so you don’t have to worry about any accidents while you’re away. 

Cricut , Raspberry Easypress Mini
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The Bad

Surprisingly, the Cricut Easypress Mini – Raspberry hasn’t produced any adverse results, and customers seem to love using this product, which is great because it is an excellent product.

The Bottom Line

The Cricut Easypress Mini – Raspberry is small enough to do that most delicate of tasks, giving you the flexibility to tackle any project — it allows you to create stuffed animals, work on clothing, or move seamlessly through any object. And with its excellent safety features, you can rest assured that there is nothing to worry about. 


In the end, the Cricut Easypress Mini – Raspberry has delivered an excellent performance so far. Even if it is quite a new entry into the Cricut team, it has already established itself as a reliable tool that you can depend on for all your pressing needs. With its compact design, yet powerful heating, you won’t need to look for an iron or any other press as long as you’re using this Cricut EasyPress Mini. 

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