DEENKEE Robot Vacuum DK600 Review

Deenkee - DK600
Long run time with thorough cleaning time.


The Deenkee Robot Vacuum – DK600 not only does it clean your home in peace, but it also makes your life easier with its handy Wi-Fi capabilities. Cleaning your home has never been this easy. 

Even homeowners on a budget will find that this choice will fit right in while giving you smooth and hassle-free cleaning for your home. With the Deenkee Robot Vacuum, you can sleep and wake up to a cleaner house. 

DEENKEE Robot Vacuum DK600
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The Good

Our review of the Deenkee Robot Vacuum put this robot vacuum through its paces. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of the Deenkee Robot Vacuum…

New and Improved: The Deenkee Robot Vacuum has undergone a vast improvement from its last iteration. Increasing its suction power to 1500Pa, it now makes pick up dust, hair, nutshells, and cat litter that much easier. Its thin, 2.8-inch body allows for quick and easy maneuvering in between all your furniture. With its noise reduced, brushless motor, you can enjoy reading or taking a nap while you let your robot vacuum do all the work.

Intuitive Cleaning Modes: With a total of six cleaning modes, you have the freedom to choose the way you want to clean. In max power cleaning mode, the suction is increased and deeply cleans residue from blankets to achieve a new level of cleaning with just the push of a button. Alternatively, the timed cleaning mode programs your robot vacuum to set a cleaning schedule according to your time. When you come home from a long day at work, you can expect that your Deenkee Robot Vacuum has already done the job for you.

Innovation at its Finest: The Deenkee Robot Vacuum delivers innovation and excellence in one cleaning companion. With its built-in multi-function infrared sensor, collisions and drops are a thing of the past. You won’t have to keep an eye open while your robot vacuum cleans. Another advanced feature triggers your robot to seek out its charging station once the battery hits low. And with its 3-point cleaning system, you are guaranteed to see clean floors, as its intelligent navigation system ensures that no corner is left unturned.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: You are sure to enjoy the benefits of the Deenkee Robot Vacuum, but you get more than you bargained for with a complete set of accessories. This robot vacuum also comes with remote control, a charging base, four side brushes, power adapter, foam filter, additional HEPA filter, cleaning tool, owner’s manual, and warranty card. You can rest assured that you’re covered all day, every day by the Deenkee technical support team, ready to lend help at any time.

DEENKEE Robot Vacuum DK600
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The Bad

Not many Robot Vacuums can get away with such amazing features without a drawback. But against all the odds, the Deenkee Robot Vacuum has delivered a performance above and beyond our expectations, completely blowing away its competition. 

If we want to be picky though, it loses half a point for the fact that like most other robot vacuums, the Deenkee Robot Vacuum can also get tangled in cables. However, this is a minor slip up in what we all look for in a cleaning buddy — otherwise, it is pure perfection. 

The Bottom Line

The Deenkee Robot Vacuum – DK600 not only does it clean your home, but it also serves us well by being cost-effective, functional, and entirely armed for the job it sets out to do. It hits all the marks we look for in a robot vacuum cleaner: it cleans thoroughly without needing the help of a person. It certainly makes our life more comfortable and improves our quality of life.

To wrap up, Deenkee has finally delivered us the house help we always needed and gave us more than we could ever hope for. If there was a robot vacuum to transcend the test of time, pick up one of these, and you won’t have to look for another ever again.

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