Dyson V7 Animal Pro+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review


The Dyson V7 Animal Pro+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a cord-free, lightweight, and powerful vacuum that is versatile enough to clean across all floor types. Inside the house, it is a useful cleaning companion that can reach through every area and fit into any spot using its many tools and attachments to ensure all your rooms are immaculate and spotless.

First, the car, or any small spaces, the Dyson V7 Animal Pro+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner transforms into a handheld vacuum cleaner in one click. This capability allows it to squeeze into cramped spaces so that you can clean here, there and everywhere. The Dyson V7 Animal Pro+ has additional tools compared to other V7 models for whole-home cleaning.

Dyson V7 Animal Pro+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
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The Good

Our review of the Dyson V7 Animal Pro+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner put this vacuum through its paces. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of the Dyson V7 Animal Pro+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner…

Revolutionary Features: The Dyson V7 Animal Pro+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner transforms into a handheld vacuum cleaner for quick clean ups, spot cleaning, and to clean difficult places. Its also equipped with a hygienic dirt ejector to empty dust from the bin in a single action to provide the best cleaning experience. Lastly, it makes use of the direct-drive cleaner head to drive bristles deeper into the carpet to remove ground-in dirt. This feature gives it 75% more brush bar power than the Dyson V6 Cord-free vacuum.

Robust Performance: With up to 30 minutes fade-free power depending on the power mode and the attachments used, the Dyson V7 Animal Pro+ is set to clean for the long haul. It captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns including dust and allergens to expel air cleaner than the air you breathe. Supported by its many functions and additional tools, the V7 Animal Pro+ is balanced for cleaning up top, down below and in between.

Functional Tools: The V7 Animalpro+ includes $60 worth of extra tools to clean the whole home including the Flexi Crevice tool that extends and bends for hard-to-reach places around your house and car, the Mini-Motorized tool for tackling pet hair and ground-in dirt on upholstery, cars, beds and in tight spaces, and the Stubborn Dirt brush which is designed for cleaning coarse or hard-wearing carpets, doormats and high-traffic areas of your home and car. Other tools include the Direct Drive Cleaner Head which helps bristles to penetrate deeper into the carpet to remove ground-in dirt, the Combination Tool which is two tools in one, that provided simple switching between surfaces, and the Crevice tool designed for precise cleaning around edges and narrow gaps.

Advanced Technology: Dyson implements a convenient docking station that stores and charges the machine while holding additional attachments. With this feature, it’s easy to clean and go. The V7 Animalpro+ boasts its 2 Tier Radial cyclones which use 15 cyclones, arranged across two tiers that work in parallel to increase airflow and capture more fine dust. Its
Max Power mode provides up to 6 minutes of higher suction for more difficult tasks.

Dyson V7 Animal Pro+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
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The Bad

The Dyson V7 Animal Pro+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner could have been the best vacuum in its price range if the manufacturers paid more attention to battery life. Unfortunately, the battery just doesn’t run as long as advertised, leaving customers bitter about its overall performance. Despite having such a powerful suction behind this product, it leaves a sour note due to its battery life alone. After all, how can we finish the job if the vacuum runs out of power every few minutes?

But that may not be the worst part, because the V7 Animal Pro+ also has difficulties with high pile rugs, making it almost impossible to push and pull on such surfaces. It is because of these mistakes combined with its steep price that many people are put off from buying the product altogether.

The Bottom Line

The Dyson V7 Animal Pro+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner puts up an excellent performance, and frankly, if it weren’t for the weak battery and the problems with certain types of rugs, then it can indeed be the best vacuum cleaner in the market now. Hopefully though, if Dyson ever makes another iteration of this product, they listen to customer’s options and answer their concerns.

Maybe one day we’ll all see a new and improved V7 Animal Pro+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner that will genuinely blow our minds (and dust) away. But for now, we will have to settle with a well-designed, multi-purpose vacuum that can help us clean our homes and cars while managing our pet hair problems.

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