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Security against identity theft from highly trained professionals. Instant threat alerts and lost wallet assistance for proactive identity protection.


Experian has been collecting and analyzing consumer data for over 125 years to provide the world with credit monitoring, identity protection, and fraud prevention services. Experian is a leader in unlocking the power of this data to help their clients gain control over every financial aspect of their lives, giving them the chance to breathe easier, knowing they’re protected.

Experian IdentityWorks allows you to take control of your identity and everything attached to it. By providing credit scores and monitoring, fraud resolution and theft insurance, and identity theft threat alerts, Experian can detect and neutralize any dangers to your identity quickly, minimizing the impact of identity theft on your entire life.

Provided Protection

Experian IdentityWorks offers multiple ways to protect your identity and prevent your personal information from being stolen. The following are a few of our favorite Experian IdentityWorks protection features.

Identity Theft Monitoring and Alerts: Experian will continually monitor your identity for possible unauthorized uses and notify you immediately if they detect anything suspicious. This includes social security monitoring and address change verification alerts. If someone attempts to use your social security number for questionable activity or change your address on one of your accounts, you’ll know about it right away.

Credit Bureau Monitoring: All Experian IdentityWorks plans monitor the Experian credit bureau for suspicious activity under your name and social security number. They track new credit inquiries, new accounts, large account balance changes, credit utilization, positive activity, and dormant accounts. If anything unusual happens, you’ll know about it immediately.

Real-time Alerts for Credit Inquiries: If anyone besides you attempts to make an inquiry on your credit report, you need to know about it. Experian IdentityWorks will monitor hits on your credit report and let you know where they’re coming from, so you can determine whether or not the inquiry was authorized. This is especially helpful when you make plans to take out a loan for any large purchase, like a house or a car.

Identity Theft Insurance: When you’re the victim of identity theft, you stand to lose a lot of money. To protect your finances, Experian IdentityWorks offers identity theft insurance of up to $500,000 on every plan they offer. Some plans offer even more! This helps you to live worry-free, knowing your money is protected.

Pricing Plans

Experian offers a variety of identity protection pricing plans. To help you decide if it’s the right identity theft prevention service for you, Experian IdentityWorks comes with a 30-day trial for monthly plans and a 60-day trial for yearly plans.

IdentityWorks Plus: This protection plan includes Experian credit monitoring and up to $500,000 in identity theft reimbursement insurance. IdentityWorks Plus covers one adult for $9.99 per month, one adult and up to ten children for $14.99 per month, or two adults and up to ten children for $19.99 per month.

IdentityWorks Premium: With this identity protection plan, you’ll get credit monitoring for all three of the credit bureaus, and up to $1 million in identity theft reimbursement insurance. IdentityWorks Premium covers one adult for $19.99 per month, one adult and up to ten children for $24.99 per month, or two adults and up to ten children for $29.99 per month.

Experian IdentityWorks
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The Good

As with all of our editor reviews, we put Experian IdentityWorks through its paces, so you don’t have to waste your own time. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Experian identity protection service benefits…

100+ Years of Experience

Experian IdentityWorks stands out from the competition because they have over one hundred years worth of experience in the credit reporting and identity theft industry. They already have access to information contained in the credit bureaus, because they are one of the three bureaus that compile these reports. It’s easy for them to expand into the identity theft protection arena and offer a wide range of services that work to protect you.

Lost Wallet Assistance

When you lose your wallet, a lot goes through your mind. You’re naturally concerned about what was in it and how you can protect yourself from someone finding it and having access to your personal information. Experian allows you to record everything that was in your wallet before it’s stolen. That way, you’re one step closer to reporting it stolen, filing a police report, and protecting yourself from the malicious intent of others.

Daily FICO Scores

Your credit score tells lenders a lot about who you are. It impacts your ability to get a loan for large purchases, like houses and cars. You can use the daily FICO score you receive from Experian IdentityWorks to keep tabs on how you look on paper to lenders. This helps you to take care of your credit score and personal finances, so that the next time it matters, you’re prepared.

Highly Trained Professionals

Experian gives you access to a team of highly trained professionals who have handled over 100,000 cases of fraud. The unfortunate reality is that identity theft can happen to any of us, at any given time. If you’re ever on the wrong side of this reality, the Experian IdentityWorks team is ready to protect you, saving you from further harm and helping you recover and move on with your life.

Experian IdentityWorks
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The Bad

Experian does not offer a live chat feature on their website, nor do they have 24/7 customer support. However, if you do need to reach a representative, you can do so during regular business hours. The phone menu is easy to understand, the wait is minimal, and everyone is polite and knowledgeable.

Experian IdentityWorks places a host of credit card and personal loan ads on your dashboard. Some find this helpful, and others find it annoying. Experian uses your credit data to personalize these ads for you, so when it comes time to apply for a new credit card, they can direct you to the one that will give you the most benefit. Using these helpful hints will prevent you from applying for a loan or a credit card that doesn’t work best for you.

The Bottom Line

Experian’s credit monitoring and identity protection services mitigate your risk when it comes to your personal and financial information. With a wide array of features to keep you updated, you’ll always know what’s going on and how to fix what goes wrong.

Experian IdentityWorks is a fantastic value, and with 30 days to try it out for free, you really can’t go wrong with this identity protection service. There’s a pricing plan that’s right for every individual and family, and they all come with the features you need to make it a worthwhile investment.

Our recommendation? Keep yourself safe from scammers with Experian IdentityWorks!

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