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Proclaimed to be the largest debt negotiator in the United States, Freedom Debt Relief over ten billion dollars in consumer debt.

With a proven debt relief program, the company has helped hundreds of thousands of American consumers. The company reduced significant amounts of debts quickly and affordably than other options like debt consolidation program.

Freedom Debt Relief began in 2002, specializing in debt negotiation, debt resolution, and debt settlement programs.

Their mission is to provide a debt solution that puts consumers first, which is why the first consultation that Freedom Debt Relief provides is consumer education focusing on several debt options.

The company, being a debt relief company, only hires the best professionals in the industry. Freedom Debt Relief has employed to over 2,000 highly trained professionals and has helped over 615,000 clients.

How Does It Work?


The company will give a client a free debt evaluation. A certified debt consultant will be assigned to the client. The consultant will then walk the client through several debt strategies to help the client determine the right solution for their debt.


To help the client get to the solution, Freedom Debt Relief will work with its clients to design a program that enables the client to resolve the debts in the least amount of time.

Also to offer significant savings compared to paying in minimum. Lastly, the company wants the client to have a program that has a monthly deposit that the client is comfortable with.



Each month the client makes a deposit to a dedicated account that they control.

The dedicated account will be the engine that will run the program. As the clients build the account, the company’s negotiations team starts their grind to find the clients the best settlement options.

The client’s progress can be tracked on an online client dashboard that the company runs.


As soon as the client builds up enough funds on their dedicated account,  the company puts its strategy into action and contacts the client’s creditors to negotiate.

The negotiators and the creditors will then discuss how much the debt could be reduced and arrange a settlement with the most savings possible.


When negotiators reach the point of settlement, they will immediately contact the client for authorization.


After full settlement amount is paid, the creditors will then report to the credit rating bureaus that the client’s account is settled depending on the method of settlement.

Regardless of the terms used, the clients no longer owe any of the enrolled accounts once everything is settled.

Freedom Debt Relief
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The Good
  • No fees charged until a settlement is reached
  • Successful track record
  • Works with high debt amount
  • Great customer service
Freedom Debt Relief
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The Bad
  • Fees reach up to 25% of settlement amount
  • Negative impact on credit
The Bottom Line

Freedom Debt Relief is a great match if your account debt is higher than $15,000. Although fees can go as high as 25% of the settlement amount, it is always a good move to eliminate the debts.

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