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The Goovi Robot Vacuum boasts one of the most powerful suctions in the robot vacuum industry. But apart from that feature, it has more to offer families who are looking for a quick and easy way to keep their homes neat and tidy.

It is also one of the lowest-priced robot vacuums in its bracket, making it one of the most affordable, high-tech robot vacuums out in the market now. Read on to see how it holds up against its competition.

Goovi Robot Vacuum
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The Good

Our review of the Goovi Robot Vacuum put this robot vacuum through its paces. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of the Goovi Robot Vacuum…

Mighty Suction Power: With 1600Pa of intense suction, the Goovi Robot Vacuum reigns supreme over dirt on any flat surface. Ideal for hardwood, floors, and carpets, it offers smooth operation using a remote control, or it can do the job for you with its auto-clean feature. The Goovi Robot Vacuum is sure to save you time from picking up or sweeping crumbs, dirt, and dust.

Efficient and Effective: The Goovi robot vacuum not only makes your life easier but does so without the need of outside help. It automatically returns to its charging base when it is low on power to recharge and get back to the cleaning. Another great addition to the Goovi robot vacuum is its Ultra-high battery capacity, which supports your robot vacuum to clean up to 100 minutes. These features are ideal for big homes and ensure that the Goovi robot vacuum is always charged and ready to clean, so you never have to again. And using its Intelligent Protection with Drop Sensor technology, you never have to worry about your robot dropping from the stairs or ledges.

Unbeatable Cleaning: Its low profile, 2.83” design allows the Goovi robot vacuum to glide along floors and underneath beds and sofas with ease, cleaning those hard-to-reach places. Built with a smart, systematic movement path, it chooses the optimal routes to take and plans to deliver a complete cleaning with every use.

Perfectly Built: The Goovi robot vacuum is equipped with large wheels to roll over carpets and to climb over door ledges to seamlessly clean throughout your home. It also has multiple cleaning modes, and vacuuming presets that makes cleaning effortless, giving you more time to do the things you love. It also has a “Cleaning Mode” that covers almost all floor types, allowing the Goovi robot vacuum to be versatile in its operation. With this robot vacuum, you can be sure of an effortless cleaning experience while you go to work, get some rest or go out for the night.

Inside the Box: Your Goovi Robotic Vacuum comes in a complete package with one main brush, four side brushes, one extra high-efficiency filter, one remote control with 2 AAA batteries, one cleaning brush, 1 charging dock, one adapter, and a 1-Year Warranty. You can rest assured that you are covered.

Goovi Robot Vacuum
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The Bad

Even with such great features and an all-around capability, the Goovi Robot Vacuum manages to have a few let downs. There are instances when it doesn’t vacuum in a zig-zag pattern like it’s supposed to, and may miss out on a few areas that need cleaning.

Another flaw is that it doesn’t effectively pick up dog hair from rugs and can leave them on after taking one pass. To add on to that, the manual is poorly written, so expect spelling and grammar mistakes throughout its pages. In saying this, I still feel that the price is worth the end product since it still does the job it set out to do.

The Bottom Line

In the end, the Goovi Robot Vacuum comes with many helpful features that live up to our expectations. It fulfills the promise of a clean room and an effortless experience for the most part. However, because of overlooking small details, such as the suction power on pet hair, the excitement to use this may disappear sooner than expected.

The Goovi Robot Vacuum is still worth the unsavory errors due to its desirable price point. If you can work past the poorly written manual, picking off your pet’s hair yourself, and the robot missing dirt once in a while, then this is the affordable robot vacuum you always dreamed of.

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