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Super-fast streaming on more than 1,000 VPN servers. Support for Netflix and torrenting. Full privacy with a strict anti-logging policy.


IPVanish was founded in 2012 in Orlando, Florida and has expanded from a client for Windows alone to so much more. IPVanish owns a private network of fiber-optic, Tier 1 servers that they use to provide their virtual private network service, and they don’t employ the use of third parties to manage any of their equipment.

IPVanish VPN uses their first-class servers to implement a secure network for their VPN services. By owning one hundred percent of their points of presence around the world, IPVanish can offer an unrestricted browsing experience, while also keeping you safe and ensuring that no one else has access to your digital information.

IPVanish is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, Amazon Fire TV, and iOS and Android mobile devices.

Key Features

IPVanish has some great features that ensure secure web browsing and protection from online spies. The following are some of our favorite features of the IPVanish VPN service.

Lightning-Fast Speed: As a Tier 1 VPN provider, IPVanish controls the majority of their own servers and equipment, meaning total control over connection speed. You reap the benefits of this infrastructure by experiencing zero slowdowns, no matter what device you’re using or what you’re trying to do online. You can stream, download, and surf as fast as your ISP allows.

Intuitive Applications: Using advanced technology, IPVanish can anticipate a threat and neutralize it before you’re compromised. With smart VPN software, it knows if your device is at risk. When your VPN connection type is blocked, or you inadvertently join a public network, IPVanish reminds you to stay safe before you are exploited.

Support for Torrenting: For some VPN service providers, torrenting is a no-no and they block it completely. This limits their liability in the event that your information is compromised or you get caught. IPVanish encourages free and private torrenting for its users. Anti-piracy advocates are angered by this approach, but you have the freedom to do what you please for a truly 100% private and anonymous experience.

Strong Encryption: IPVanish uses the same encryption protocols as many of the world’s top government and security agencies. If you surf the web using their AES-256 encrypted VPN, all of your personal data, physical location, and browsing information is securely hidden behind the IPVanish VPN wall. You can also circumvent IP-specific censorship used by employers, schools, and government agencies.

Pricing Plans

IPVanish offers a variety of pricing options and comes with a 7-day money back guarantee to help you decide if it’s the right secure surfing service for your needs.

1 Month: Connect up to 10 devices for $10 per month ($120 for 12 months).

1 Year: Connect up to 10 devices for $6.49 per month ($77.99 for 12 months).2 Years: Connect up to 10 devices for $3.74 per month ($89.99 for 24 months).

IPVanish VPN
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The Good

As with all of our editor reviews, we put IPVanish through its paces, so you don’t have to waste your own time. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite IPVanish VPN benefits…

Reclaim Your Privacy

By using IPVanish, you can reclaim your online privacy from advertisers, government agencies, or Internet service providers who use your information for their own personal gain. IPVanish masks your true IP address so you can’t be tracked online, and you’re always protected with their anti-logging privacy policy. It’s like protecting yourself from online spying by browsing incognito, only without the use of a private browser, and with so many more benefits!

Bypass Censorship

There are many things that prevent you from seeing what you want to see on the Internet, including media blackouts and web filters imposed by ISPs, schools, employers, and government agencies. Don’t let anyone else dictate what you can and can’t see online! With over 1,100 worldwide connection points at IPVanish’s disposal, you can get around all of those restrictions by bypassing location-based sensors.

End-to-End Protection

Because IPVanish has complete control over its entire infrastructure, there’s not an aspect of your privacy that can be accessed by a third party. Network architecture, hardware, software, and customer support are all in the capable hands of IPVanish and its responsible and knowledgeable team.

Anti-Logging Privacy Policy

In an attempt to protect you and all of your devices, IPVanish provides you with a strict anti-logging privacy policy. They don’t record any online activity or connection reports when you browse the Web. Because IPVanish owns every component of their service, from hardware to infrastructure, you are completely anonymous when you surf or shop, every step of the way.

IPVanish VPN
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The Bad

One problem we discovered with IPVanish was a bit of difficulty when trying to stream Netflix content, as it employs one of the most sophisticated VPN detection algorithms out there. So, in order to bypass their detection, you have to find just the right access point. However, streaming Netflix privately with IPVanish is still possible, once you get the hang of it.

Unfortunately, IPVanish doesn’t offer 24/7 customer support, but their team is available Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST for phone or email inquiries. And if your question can’t wait to be answered, chances are that you can find what you’re looking for in the robust IPVanish FAQs section.

The Bottom Line

IPVanish has a host of features to offer, like speedy streaming, a strict anti-logging privacy policy, top-tier encryption, and support for torrenting. While you may find the lack of 24/7 customer support irritating, their VPN services are some of the best out there.

IPVanish can offer precisely what you need when it comes to private Internet browsing and protection. With over 1,000 secure servers in more than 60 countries, you’ll have access to the safe and anonymous browsing you need at an affordable cost.

Put IPVanish’s 7-day guarantee to the test and get the private browsing experience you want!

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