JASHEN Powerful Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review


The JASHEN Powerful Stick Vacuum Cleaner is a cordless, 22-in-1 vacuum with a quiet but powerful suction and can quickly transform into a handheld stick vacuum. It has been engineered to capture embedded dirt and pet hair from carpets, hard floors, and even ceilings. Its 3-stage filtration system separates air efficiency and expels non-allergenic air so you can breathe easy. 


Equipped with LED front lights and a steerable brush, the JASHEN Powerful Stick Vacuum Cleaner makes tight turns and under-furniture cleaning a breeze. Its indicator also lets you know how much battery is remaining while you vacuum. It is both lightweight and versatile enough for floor-to-ceiling cleaning, and with its continuous modes and two power suction, this cordless vacuum can easily tackle surface or embedded dirt.

JASHEN Powerful Stick Vacuum Cleaner
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The Good

Our review of the JASHEN Powerful Stick Vacuum Cleaner put this cordless vacuum through its paces. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of the JASHEN Powerful Stick Vacuum Cleaner…


Impressive and Efficient:

The JASHEN Powerful Stick Vacuum Cleaner has a built-in motor to provide powerful suction with up to 40 minutes of cordless vacuuming to thoroughly clean your house. It includes two brushes, with one being an upgraded, motorized brush to effectively pick up pet hair as well as provide better cleaning on different kinds of floors. Using high-efficiency filtration, this cordless vacuum can lock in small particles with no leakage and expel fresh air. 


Built For Your Needs: 

With comparatively quiet operation, the JASHEN Powerful Stick Vacuum Cleaner cleans your home without causing such a ruckus, so your kids and pets won’t be disturbed. Its lightweight frame can be easily converted into a handheld vacuum to help you with hard-to-reach areas, and top to bottom cleaning. Finally, its easy-to-empty dust bin makes cleaning your vacuum so much easier — no need to touch the dirt, just empty and wash it and you’re good to go. You can also wash its HEPA filter for optimal cleaning and suction performance. 


Perfectly Designed:

With its continuous power mode, the switch is locked in, so you don’t always have to hold the trigger for long cleaning time. The JASHEN Powerful Stick Vacuum Cleaner uses a swivel steering design, making it easy to clean anywhere, (even under your furniture) meaning you can clean every last square inch of your home. And it’s well thought out wall mount allows you to keep your cordless Vacuum on the floor or the wall. It also acts as a charging base so you can charge your vacuum while saving space in your home.

JASHEN Powerful Stick Vacuum Cleaner
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The Bad

Unfortunately, like many products just like it, the JASHEN Powerful Stick Vacuum Cleaner faces some serious issues that need to be addressed. One instance is how its suction isn’t strong enough to suck in small pieces of nerds candies up to the neck of the vacuum. Because of this particular problem, many customers feel that it is only suitable for light vacuuming. 


Another aspect it struggles in is to pick up pet hair, especially from large and fluffy dogs. The brush would collect the hair and would accumulate until it got stuck, and then the user would have to remove it and repeat the process several times manually. Of course, not many people would enjoy this, and many would call it an unhygienic method as well as a nuisance. 


The Bottom Line

While the JASHEN Powerful Stick Vacuum Cleaner manages to give us a combination of power with versatility, it just misses out on being at the top of the best cordless vacuums for 2019. While we love the fact that it can charge while mounted on the wall to save space, its suction power doesn’t deliver, and that takes away from the overall experience. 


However, it still shows a lot of potential and promise so we wouldn’t be surprised if the company can tweak and fix its small mistakes and give us the perfect iteration in the next few years. Overall, the JASHEN Powerful Stick Vacuum Cleaner is a great cordless vacuum cleaner that would make an excellent addition in your home to clean floors, tiles, carpet or even the car. And with its unbeatable price, it would be hard not to snag one of these from the supermarket. 

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