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Encrypted storage provides additional protection and security. Password generation feature. Access to information from anywhere with My Kaspersky.


Kaspersky is a well-known cybersecurity company which has been on the market for over two decades. With its deep threat expertise and security intelligence teams, Kaspersky has positioned itself to continue leading the industry in services and solutions to protect individuals and businesses. The company prides itself on its ability to protect its users against evolving and sophisticated digital threats.

As a result, Kaspersky takes its cybersecurity knowledge and applies it to your passwords, credit card info, and other sensitive online personal data. With the Kaspersky Password Manager, your private information is encrypted and stored in a central database. This means no one can gain access to your passwords without your permission.

Provided Protection

Kaspersky has a variety of ways to protect your personal information online. You’ll be able to keep your sensitive data safe from hackers and still have easy access to it when needed. The following are some of our favorite Kaspersky password manager features.

Made for Mobile: Kaspersky makes sure that you can access, protect, and manage your passwords and personal information anywhere you go. You can use your Kaspersky Password Manager right on your smartphone with their mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. They also offer support for Chrome and Safari web browsing sessions.

Autofill Functionality: In an effort to help streamline your work, Kaspersky will autofill your logins and forms for you. With Kaspersky Password Manager, you can securely save your credit card numbers, passwords, and other login information, so you can get in with a click whenever you visit your favorite sites.

Multiple Platform Support: We don’t all use the same computer, smartphone, or browser, and Kaspersky knows this. The password manager provides support for MacOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. Now, no matter what type of operating system you’re using, you’ll know your private password information is protected.

Photo Protection: Using the Kaspersky Password Manager means you have the ability to safeguard more than just your passwords. The utility now offers protection for your photos, which means when you snap a photo, it’s encrypted right to your online storage. This makes important images available on all your devices.

Pricing Plans

Kaspersky offers a variety of password management pricing plans. To help you decide if it’s the right password manager for you, Kaspersky offers a free plan for users, along with an affordable premium plan.

Free Lifetime Plan: This plan includes storage for your passwords, files, notes, documents, and photos. You can access this information from any device, including your iOS or Android smartphone. However, the free version limits users to only 15 individual files in total.

Premium Plan: The Kaspersky Premium Plan will run you $14.99 a year and is essentially the Free Lifetime Plan with the governor taken off. You’ll have unlimited access to all your files, notes, documents, photos, credit card information, and of course, your passwords.  Additionally, no matter where you are, you’ll be able to get to your information with your My Kaspersky portal.

Kaspersky Password Manager
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The Good

As with all of our editor reviews, we put Kaspersky through its paces, so you don’t have to waste your own time or money. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Kaspersky Password Manager service benefits…

Access from Anywhere

Sometimes you’re not in a place where you can easily access your smartphone or laptop. Thankfully, Kaspersky thought of that and gives you the ability to access your information through its portal. With the My Kaspersky portal, you can use your login information even if you don’t have your devices with you.

Secure Password Generator

Let’s face it, sometimes thinking of a password that passes a site’s requirements isn’t easy. You can use Kaspersky to automatically generate strong, unique passwords for every app or site you visit. That way, not only does Kaspersky remember your passwords, it ensures that you have ones that are safe and secure.

Safeguard Passwords

All your personal information is protected with Kaspersky’s encrypted vault. You only have to remember one Master Password to access usernames and passwords to all your sites. The manager will also ensure that your photos, credit cards, and other personal information are safe with their solution.

Encrypted Storage

You want to keep your information secure when you’re online and so does Kaspersky. That’s why they keep all your passwords in an encrypted vault. This prevents unwanted hackers or unauthorized users from gaining access to your data and using it against you. When you use Kaspersky password manager, you’ll know your passwords are secure.

Kaspersky Password Manager
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The Bad

One big drawback to using Kaspersky’s password manager is its lack of 2-factor authentication. However, they do offer a Master Password, which gives you access to all your other passwords. To protect your information, ensure that your Master Password is easy for you to remember, but complex enough that hackers and cybercriminals cannot crack it.

While Kaspersky doesn’t offer a direct support line for its password manager product, it does have an online knowledge base which provides helpful articles, blogs, and tips. You can search for your question and discover additional information around installation, licensing, and general product use.

The Bottom Line

Kaspersky password manager gives you the proper tools to secure your personal information and passwords. It offers a free plan, which is always an added bonus, along with a paid plan that provides plenty of features. Even though they don’t offer 2-factor authentication, you’ll get the essential online security you need with Kaspersky’s password manager service.

The bottom line is that Kaspersky is an affordable option in the world of password managers. It’s a great solution for you or your family and you’re not going to break the bank signing up for the paid version. With encrypted storage and access from anywhere you go, Kaspersky is a great choice for your password manager needs.

Kaspersky Password Manager is a solid, affordable solution, so give it a try today!

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