Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Espresso System Review


The Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Espresso System – ECM160-RB is equipped with a powerful frother and makes café-rich espressos. It can also whip up your cappuccinos and lattes to light, bubbly perfection. Using Steam Heat technology, hot steam is forced out the filter to make a dark and bold espresso brew.

With the Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Espresso System, it is now possible to have your favorite coffee and drinks from the comfort of your home. And because it’s so easy to use, you don’t need to worry about having a barista serve for you, all it takes is a few simple steps, and you can indulge in a brew you will love. And the best part is you can get that and more for a small price.

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Espresso System
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The Good

Our review of the Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Espresso System – ECM160-RB put this espresso machine through its paces. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of the Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Espresso System – ECM160-RB…

Delectable Beverages: The Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Espresso System comes equipped with a powerful frother, that creates rich espressos and light, frothy lattes and cappuccinos. It also makes use of the Steam Heat feature, for a bold and vibrant espresso experience. Using the Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Espresso System, you’ll be able to enjoy coffeehouse perfection without leaving your kitchen.

Perfect For Family and Friends: With the Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Espresso System, you can brew 20 ounces of espresso for custom serving sizes, from one to four cups. If you have guests, you can serve up to 4 shots with just a tilt of the wrist using the easy-pour glass carafe. With this espresso machine, having guests over is a breeze, and making perfect coffee is easy.

Mess-free Brewing: The drip catcher is a washable and removable drip tray that keeps your brew space clean by collecting coffee drips. It also has a removable froth aid, so that you can also display your impressive presentation skills. To keep the noise of the espresso maker to a minimum, make sure the water reservoir is full and properly fitted.

Easy to Use: The frothing arm creates creamy froth to top off your lattes and cappuccinos. A decanter is also included with your Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Espresso System — it has serving measures, a stay-cool handle, and a drip-free spout, so that never have to worry about a mess while enjoying your coffee.

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Espresso System
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The Bad

For its price, we shouldn’t expect too many great things from this model. It has a few issues that need to be addressed, such as the espresso arm refusing to snap into place and maybe too tight a fit in its position. The main knob is also a bit stiff to turn, which results in a messy transition from espresso to steam. At times, the steamer doesn’t work at all and will not be able to heat the milk, which is quite disheartening.

The most disappointing thing that can occasionally happen is how the machine fries the milk and leaves it flat and to top it off, the milk sprays when you try to make foam for a latte. These are obviously system issues and should’ve been addressed before putting it out in the market, but again, we can’t expect too much from a product that didn’t cost much to begin with.

The Bottom Line

In the end, the small cost it takes to purchase the Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Espresso System – ECM160-RB doesn’t do much to compensate for the failures that it is capable of. In the end, you’re better off saving money and investing in a better model or brand.

And while it can give the results that we look for — rich and creamy cappuccinos, lattes, and espressos, we deserve to have a product that goes above and beyond when it comes to coffee. After all, coffee has become such an essential part of our morning routines, so the machine we purchase to make it should be just as important. Sadly, the Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Espresso System just doesn’t cut it.

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