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The Noble Chairs Hero Chair is made from premium materials and uses unique aesthetics to deliver the most extraordinary gaming experience. Its unmatched adjustability lets you control your comfort and focus on your game, undisturbed. Perfect for prolonged hours in front of the PC, XBOX, or PS4, this high-quality gaming chair utilizes an all-new integrated adjustable lumbar support, so you can fully customize it to suit your needs.

In collaboration with esports professionals, the Hero series is designed with real leather and features the most complete ergonomic chair from Noble Chairs. The Noble Chairs Hero Chair is intended to support bigger users, so the Hero uses a taller backrest, wider seat base, and larger armrests. However, it is perfect for anyone who wants to play for as long as they want, without compromising comfort.

Noble Chairs Hero Chair
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The Good

Our review of the Noble Chairs Hero Chair put this gaming chair through its paces. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of the Noble Chairs Hero Chair…

Gaming Perfection: In cooperation with eSport professionals, the Noble Chairs Hero Chair was developed to be the best gaming chair that Noble Chairs has to offer. The emphasis placed on ergonomics in the Hero edition is aptly demonstrated by the extra lumbar support it has been specially designed to provide. It features larger components for bigger users, comfortable memory foam in the headrest, adjustable 4D armrests, a rocking mechanism, and backrest, and is recommended for users up to 330 lbs, so you can game on however you want.

First Class Design: The Hero from Noble Chairs represents your lifestyle. For that reason, Noble Chairs has taken a keen eye to the design of the chair, as can be seen in the diamond-pattern stitching available in multiple colors and the elegant emblems. These are then combined to make the Hero not just pleasant to sit on, but a joy to look at as well. Designed to be a lifestyle choice rather than a simple chair, this model features subtle branding, intricate diamond pattern stitching, and a smooth look that’s perfectly at home in any situation.

Premium Materials: Manufactured using premium materials, the Hero Series makes use of either high-quality leather or vegan PU-leather for its covering. It is then paired with breathable cold-foam upholstery with a robust steel frame, resulting in gaming chair perfection.
The inner workings of the Hero have been iterated continuously upon, making use of top-class materials to provide reliability and comfort. Its thicker 55% density cold foam core is accompanied by a sturdy steel inner frame, creating a reliable interior for the leather to sit on.

Smart & Sophisticated: Built around an enlarged seat area and backrest, the Hero Series offers users plenty of room to maneuver. The chair is also well-suited for bigger loads, made possible due to the solid steel frame as well as the high-quality base it offers. Built for extended playing sessions, the chair’s backrest naturally conforms to the shape of the spine, easing pressure on the body. Additionally, adjustability options, including Noble Chair’s new lumbar support, the chair’s tilt mechanism, and 4D armrests, allowing for complete customization.

Noble Chairs Hero Chair
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The Bad

The Noble Chairs Hero Chair is undoubtedly able to give high performance, but it is far from perfect. It is plagued with a flawed design element, most notably the seat and back support. Both of these features suffer from huge setbacks, as the seat can be rock hard and potentially hurts the user’s tailbone and buttocks. Rather than being the comfortable chair that it promises to be, it leaves an undesirable pain whenever being used for extended periods of time.

Another significant error on the part of the manufacturer is their delivery system, which fails to notice that some products are being sent with some items missing from the package. There have been instances where the wheels, pillows, gas stand, bottom seat, nuts and bolts, and instruction manual have been missing from the delivery, leaving the recipient with no choice but to call customer service and hope for the best.

The Bottom Line

The Hero Chair tried to give gamers a great gaming experience but fell short and instead delivered an uneven performance. Because it lacked attention to details, what could have been an excellent addition to our gaming sessions, instead turned into a big problem. Instead of helping to prevent back problems, the Noble Chairs Hero Chair failed to execute its primary purpose correctly.

However, it was able to provide well-rounded features that allow us to enjoy better gaming experience in the best-case scenario. If you happen to get a model without any of the problems mentioned above, then consider yourself lucky and enjoy the hours of gameplay you’ll have while getting the comfort you expect from the Noble Chairs Hero Chair. Because at it’s best, it can certainly hold its own against the top-ranking gaming chairs out in the market.

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