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In this buying guide, we’re going to be looking at the ILIFE S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is part of the “Noisz By ILIFE” product line, and as such, it’s a little different from the other ILIFE robot vacuums. Here, we’ll learn about the various features and design traits that this robot vacuum offers. By learning about these things, you’ll gain an evident and concise picture of what the ILIFE S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner offers, and whether or not what it provides is right for you.

Right before we dive in, though, it’s important to note that this is a more “budget” robot vacuum. Certain features are found in many other robot vacuums, but not this one. However, there are also a couple of features that you tend to only find in expensive robot vacuums that the ILIFE S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner offers. In a way, it has many attractive features that you wouldn’t normally expect a budget robot vacuum to have. 

The ILIFE S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner at a glance: 

  • Small body, and significant power for a home cleaning assistant. Saves your time and creates a clean space.
  • Safe cleaning: Anti-fall sensors keep the robot from falling off from stairs.
  • Anti-collision: Anti-collision sensors protect the furniture as well as the robot.
  • Protect designated area: Virtual Barrier allows you to shield areas you do not wish to clean.
  • User-friendly: Easy access to the dustbin with spring-hinged lid.
  • Multi cleaning modes: Four cleaning modes for your different needs — Max/Spot/Edge/Free Movement.
  • Smooth cleaning: Flexible climbing low threshold, excellent for hardwood, tile, marble, and laminate.
  • Slim and Smart: Clean up spaces that you are unable to reach for a cleaner home.
  • Remote control: Simple remote control operation allows you to schedule or select cleaning mode.
  • Noisz S5 Super Suction: Easily picks up fine dust, hair, debris like cereal and crumbs.
Noisz by ILIFE S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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The Good

Our review of the ILIFE S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner put this robot vacuum through its paces. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of the ILIFE S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner…

Beautifully Designed: When you first take the ILIFE S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner out of the box, you’re going to notice that it has a lovely design. This design is sleek, concise, clean, and it looks good. It has a beautiful aesthetic to it and isn’t ugly to look at. While that may not seem like a big deal, it does make things feel a bit nicer. Holding the vacuum feels good, and the other design elements and components are well-made, too, which leads to a high-quality robot vacuum.

Ease of Use: For you to use the ILIFE S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, you have to rely on a small remote control. Many robot vacuums are switching to smartphone functionality, but since the ILIFE S5 is very inexpensive, it uses a remote control. Fortunately, this remote control consists of every essential feature that you could ever ask for. You’re able to create a schedule that tells the S5 when it’s on, and when it’s off. You’re also able to choose between four different cleaning modes, and you can directly control the vacuum, guiding it to the areas that you wish to vacuum.

Various Cleaning Modes: When the vacuum is moving across your floors and removing dirt, dust, and debris, there are four different cleaning modes that you can choose from. As mentioned, these cleaning modes are found on the remote control, and you can choose from them at any time. These cleaning modes are Max Mode, Spot Mode, Edge Mode, and Free Mode.

  • With Max Mode, the vacuum uses as much suction as it possibly can. This is ideal for floors that are extremely dirty and require a lot of suction and cleaning power. But, it uses a lot of power, as well, which means that you’ll run through the battery life — which is one-hundred minutes — in a shorter period.
  • Using Edge Mode, the ILIFE S5 moves across the edges of your home and sticks right to the walls. It’s a useful mode if those edges have dust and gunk on them, but you probably won’t be using this mode all the time.
  • Spot Mode is for when you need to clean one particular spot on your floor, a place that’s dirty and hasn’t been getting enough attention from the vacuum. Just use this mode, and the vacuum will thoroughly clean the space that it’s in.
  • Free Mode is the mode to use when you want to control the vacuum directly. Sometimes, you need to take control to vacuum in certain areas and spaces. To do this, select “Free Mode” and use the arrow keys on the remote.

Virtual Barrier: When you’re not controlling the vacuum directly, the ILIFE S5 moves around, on its own, by relying on its sensors. It’s good at knowing where to go and how to get there, but one feature that makes things especially easy is that of the Virtual Barrier. Most low-cost robot vacuums don’t have a Virtual Barrier, and those that do tend to be expensive. One aspect that makes the ILIFE S5 great is that it comes with a Virtual Wall Barrier while being affordable. You can put a little device in front of an exit, entrance, or area that you don’t want the vacuum to go past, and it won’t. That’s because this device lets out a signal that tells the vacuum not to cross.

Everything You Need: The ILIFE S5 automatically cleans on scheduled time or starts with the click of a button. It’s especially easy to maintain and comes with a tangle-free suction port. It is also designed to tackle pet hair on hard floors with the tangle-free suction port and MAX Mode. Also, a low profile design allows the ILIFE S5 to clean under beds and furniture where dirt likes to hide. Smart sensors for anti-bump and anti-fall to protect the robot as well as your furniture. You can also create invisible barriers for the places where you don’t want the robot to clean. Finally, a 12-month warranty and U.S. customer service team provides you with peace of mind and excellent service.

Noisz by ILIFE S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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The Bad

While the ILIFE S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a budget-friendly option, it also comes with its flaws, which is evident from the feedback given by users. Unfortunately, for one user, they had a disappointing experience after charging their unit for 24 hours, as advised. When the robovac was deployed, it was lost and had no idea where to go and kept bashing into furniture over and over again. The battery life was also a problem, and would not last long. Furthermore, the user complained that unless they took control of the unit with the remote, the unit aimlessly roams around the room without an actual rhythm to follow. 

Others are concerned about how the ILIFE S5 won’t function properly unless it is manually controlled with the remote, because it doesn’t cover the outer walls or completely misses its target location, sometimes cleaning the wrong area 10 times in a row. There are also concerns over its power to clean softer surfaces such as rugs, as it seems to have a hard time moving over even the thinnest carpet. It has also been known to fall down steps, despite having the virtual wall barriers within its surroundings and also faces problems when it comes to coming back home into its dock once the battery gets low. 

The Bottom Line

For only $170, the ILIFE S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is one of the better low-cost robovacs available in the market now. It is perfect for anyone new to robot vacuums, for older users who don’t want to deal with too much technology and for families who wish to use a low-profile product that won’t attract much attention. Its simplistic yet functional design allows it to clean effectively, and its extra features that you wouldn’t usually find in other same-priced products gives so much more value. From its various cleaning modes to its 12-month worry-free warranty, the ILIFE S5 certainly offers more than what is expected from its price tag. 

Despite having more than a few bugs and errors in its system, we really can’t expect the ILIFE S5 to be perfect. In fact, we’re impressed that it performs as well as it already does, and if future iterations can be improved upon, then we do not doubt that this simple device can one day be compared to some of the best robovacs in the market. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a robot vacuum that doesn’t cost that much money, but delivers an excellent vacuuming experience, then you can’t go wrong with the Noisz by ILIFE S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner! Not only is it an exceptional robot vacuum, but it’s also packed with features, and it costs very little money!

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