Nutrichef PKTEWC180 Review


The Nutrichef PKTEWC180 is the best addition to a wine enthusiast’s wet bar or kitchen, as this wine chiller keeps all your whites and reds in the perfect temperature. Maintaining wine temperature is essential, especially if you plan to age them — they are fragile, sensitive to light, humidity, and temperatures. Improper storage can affect the flavor, so this is where the NutriChef Thermo Electric Wine Cooler comes in as the premium wine chiller that will ensure your favorite wines are perfect when you need them. 


With an 18 wine bottle capacity, the Nutrichef PKTEWC180 can hold around 50 liters of wine at a set temperature between 50 – 64° Fahrenheit. It can fit bottles up to 3.4″ in diameter and 12.6″ in length inside its engineered thermoplastic ABS housing.

Nutrichef PKTEWC180
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The Good

Our review of the Nutrichef PKTEWC180 put this wine cooler through its paces. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of the Nutrichef PKTEWC180


Serve Your Wines Like a Pro: 

Equipped with high precision thermo-electric cooling technology, the Nutrichef PKTEWC180 also comes with adjustable temperature control, built-in circulation fan, and integrated LED lights so you can effectively chill your favorite red or white wines inside this beverage cooler. This electric cooler is a must for every wine enthusiast as its temperature control display gives you full control of your electrical wine cabinet. 


Light Up Your Room: 

With its sleek and elegant appearance and a reinforced glass door with air-tight seal, the Nutrichef PKTEWC180 offers a unique style inside your kitchen, living room, or the office. Its huge capacity of 18 bottles and a free-standing design allows this refrigerator to be an ideal partner that can fit on a table, or used under the counter or on the floor. 


Cold Air That Stays: 

The Nutrichef PKTEWC180 uses its efficient touch screen control, so you never have to open the door to change the settings of the wine cooler. Its LED lights can be turned on or off, and the temperature is adjustable at the push of a button, without letting any of the chilled air escape. It also offers long-term storage with thermoelectric cooling technology to keep your wine tasting fresh and delicious. 


No-Fuss Ultra-Quiet System: 

The Nutrichef PKTEWC180 barely makes any sound at all, since its equipped with an advanced cooling system that keeps your beverages at the right temperature without making noise. Because of this feature, this wine cooler makes the perfect appliance for use at home or the office, and even comes complete with a polished chrome wine rack that has been contoured for your convenience. It also has an exclusive placement available for standing bottles. 

Nutrichef PKTEWC180
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The Bad

While the Nutrichef PKTEWC180 produces excellent results, it is plagued by flaws that it can’t hide from the masses. The company, in particular, is responsible for these hiccups, as some units have been delivered damaged, as though they’ve already been sent back for a replacement but was sent out again without any repairs being done to them. Of course, this is a massive disappointment to someone who has paid the full retail price, only to receive an already defective item. 


Another problem this unit faces is how its fan and unit can stop working abruptly and without warning. At this point, it will have to be returned to the company for repairs or replacement, but the company requires users to have them boxed and shipped back at their own expense — so much for warranty. These are two significant problems that many people are stressed by, making them regret their purchase.

The Bottom Line

The Nutrichef PKTEWC180 packs a punch in terms of quality, style, and performance, which makes it a favorite among wine lovers and first-time users. However, it does suffer from company and design flaws that prevent it from being the best wine cooler it has the potential to be. 


And while it has a large capacity to house several wine bottles at once, its issues are a bit too much to ignore and can take away from its overall quality. But it’s balanced performance, and excellent features make it hard to resist, so it’s very likely to make the top of the list once its problems are addressed. 

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