Oaks Smart Lock, Electronic Front Door Deadbolt Review


The Oaks Smart Lock, Electronic Front Door Deadbolt keeps your home safe while making it more accessible to you and your family. While having three or more locks on your door might make it feel safer, it is also a huge obstacle to overcome in your daily life. With this smart lock, you don’t have to trade complicated home security for the comfort of your family. Live smart with Oaks, by keeping your home safe and your doors open. 


Powered by Bluetooth technology, the Oaks Smart Lock, Electronic Front Door Deadbolt provides homeowners with a secure, easy-to-install, and cost-effective smart lock solution. With it, you can get rid of your keys and replace them with codes; you can also provide temporary access for your guests, friends, and family, safely and securely.

Oaks Smart Lock, Electronic Front Door Deadbolt
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The Good

Our review of the Oaks Smart Lock, Electronic Front Door Deadbolt put this smart lock through its paces. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of the Oaks Smart Lock, Electronic Front Door Deadbolt…


Easy-to-Use and Flexible:

The Oaks Smart Lock, Electronic Front Door Deadbolt can generate five different types of codes to satisfy your access needs — create Permanent, Temporary, Custom, One-Time, and Cyclic access codes. You can then send these access codes to family, friends, guests, and even your dog walker! With its secure code generation algorithm, you can grant fast, remote, and secure access to your home. 


Monitor Your Home Wherever You Are: 

Equipped with an anti-lock sensor, the Oaks Smart Lock, Electronic Front Door Deadbolt will automatically secure your door when the door sensor is triggered; this way, you’ll never leave your door unlocked by accident. It also has a built-in Access Log to see who comes and goes and when. You can also use the Oaks Acorn Wi-Fi bridge for 24/7 access to your logs, and to get complete access to your lock anytime and anywhere. 


No Need For Keys: 

With the Oaks Smart Lock Electronic Front Door Deadbolt, you can assign Fobs (with two Fobs included) and share E-keys from your Oaks Smart Lock app to grant easy access for the whole family. This way, you never have to lose keys or replace an entire lock ever again! 


Oaks Smart Lock, Electronic Front Door Deadbolt
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The Bad

Apart from its great features, the Oaks Smart Lock, Electronic Front Door Deadbolt, also has quite a few flaws in its system. Some customers have reported that it stopped working after only a month and a half. Passwords can be created but can’t be modified due to failed communication between the lock and the phone. Plus, the included batteries died within 30 days of being installed, so not much can save this particular product. 


Other customers feel that while this product had a great concept and is a good lock in general, it only worked for two days before it developed Bluetooth issues. Because of this problem, they were locked out of the app needed to operate this smart lock and do not accept the PINs allocated. Of course, such incidents would be very frustrating. 

The Bottom Line

In the end, the Oaks Smart Lock, Electronic Front Door Deadbolt is a useful tool to have in your home, for your safety and security. It gives us flexible features that make it easy to use and a way to monitor our home 24/7 from our smartphones, so convenience is built right into this product. But its system problems are far too serious to overlook, which is why it can’t be crowned as the best smart lock of this year. 


Setting its flaws aside, we believe that if the company chooses to work on its product and improve on its performance, then we’ll look forward to a better smart lock from Oaks. But even with its flaws, it’s still one of the best smart lock systems out in the market now, so don’t miss out on your chance at getting a fantastic product for a low price of $144. And if you get lucky and get a proper Oaks Smart Lock all in working order, then you’ll never have to find another replacement for a long time. 

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