O’linear Essential Oil Aromatherapy Set Review


The popular O’linear essential oils have been formulated to make you feel and look good every time. Using 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils, this therapy set is sure to help you achieve physical and emotional well-being. The oils in this set can be used with a variety of compatible aroma diffusers for more versatility. 


While some other brands of essential oils use harmful chemical odors and have a scent that loses its potency after 20 minutes, O’linear essential oils are fresh and come with persistently satisfying scents that are sure to linger to bring healing a therapeutic effects on the body. 

O’linear Essential Oil Aromatherapy Set
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The Good

Our review of the O’linear Essential Oil Aromatherapy Set put this essential oil set through its paces. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of the O’linear Essential Oil Aromatherapy Set…


Every Scent Covered: 

The O’linear Essential Oil Aromatherapy Set contains all the necessary scents to calm and relax your mind. These eight scents have been made with you in mind, to help you restore your body’s chemistry to restore balance. The scents included in this collection are some of the most important to help you rejuvenate your senses. 


Scents for Any Need:    

To help you treat minor burns, cuts, and dry skin, lavender has been included in this set, which also helps to soothe anxiety. Peppermint has a relaxing effect, it also helps with indigestion and relieves sinus congestion, while Rosemary is the perfect oil to accompany a massage as it relieves arthritis pain along with having antiseptic properties believed to help improve memory. Orange is believed to perk up dull skin and lift the mood while providing healing for the mouth and gums. Tea Tree Oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and Eucalyptus Oil helps to relieve cold and flu symptoms while helping to fight dandruff. Lastly, lemon has also been included in this set to help fight bacteria while deodorizing the space surrounding it.    


Organic Aroma:

While many other brands use essential oils with a powerful chemical smell, the O’linear Essential Oil Aromatherapy Set aims to deliver scents that smell good with a persistent fragrance to uplift the spirit. These high-quality essential oils are 100% organic that uses an all-natural formula blended to enhance your environment and improve your wellbeing. 


Quality Scents for Use: 

You can breathe your way to calmness with the O’linear Essential Oil Aromatherapy Set, which has designed for your daily health and beauty routine. These anti-stress body essential oils can also be used as a diffuser oil kit that’s ideal for massage, yoga room, perfume, car, cleaning, spa or home care. These scents aim to give you 100% satisfaction, if or any reason you are unhappy with these scents, O’linear will refund the purchase price.   


O’linear Essential Oil Aromatherapy Set
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The Bad

While the O’linear Essential Oil Aromatherapy Set usually gets nothing but good feedback and a standing ovation for its beautiful scents and excellent overall performance, it misses the mark in a few essential details. This is evident in the company’s failure to recognize when a set has already been used and sent back to them. Then mistakenly sending it back out as a brand new kit to unsuspecting customers. 


Another problem with this product is how it is supposed to have a delightful, fresh scent that lingers for some time. Unfortunately, instead of delivering on this promise, some customers encounter a harsh, and terrible smell that is strong enough to induce a headache on the spot. Mistakes like this really taint their otherwise perfect product. 

The Bottom Line

The O’linear Essential Oil Aromatherapy Set would have been a perfect product if it wasn’t for a few details that the company has overlooked, especially when it comes to delivery and quality. However, no company is perfect, and it’s safe to say that O’linear may be one of them, thanks to this near-flawless essential oils set that helps our homes in more ways than one. 


In the end, the O’linear Essential Oil Aromatherapy Set is an excellent product to consider bringing into your daily routine as it not only helps to combat odors at home, but it also gives health benefits inside and outside the body. It also helps to improve our well being physically and emotionally while making an excellent gift for anyone who would love to have an essential oil set that has all the best scents that not only smell good but also lingers in your home. 

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